How to find kitchen drawer fronts

All our kitchen styles are available in both door and drawer front sizes, and you can order drawer fronts in exactly the same way you order our doors.

Simply make your way to your preferred product page, scroll to the sizes and prices box and enter your drawer front sizes.           

Drawer front designs are designed to match your chosen door style to create a streamlined, co-ordinated look. You’ll find an image of the door and drawer front together on each of our product pages, so you can see exactly how they look together before buying.

Usually, drawer fronts are smaller versions of full size doors, and have been carefully designed to follow the same style. However, in some cases the drawer front design may be plain, or even a pared down version of the door design, perhaps reflecting the edge profile rather than the full design.

You can find the exact detail of each style’s drawer front design under the product specification tab on each of our product pages.

Please note: certain internal designs aren’t available under a certain drawer height, and some will be manufactured as a door design above a certain height. Check out the “Minimum door height for internal design (mm)” and the “Drawer Fronts” section for all the information you need under the Product Specification tab on your chose product page.