When it comes to kitchen design, white kitchen doors have long been at the forefront of cutting edge style. They have been popular for decades and in this age of contemporary high gloss slabs, white kitchen cabinets’ immense popularity shows no signs of decline. But with so many styles to choose from, choosing a colour is only half the battle. There is a vast array of options out there from elaborate to simple kitchen cabinets and in this week’s blog post we will show you some of the most popular kitchen door styles for a stylish white kitchen.

Flat Slabs

The ultimate in minimalist style, flat kitchen doors are perfect for a contemporary kitchen. Simple yet stylish, the smart, clean lines look fantastic in a modern kitchen. To avoid a stark, almost dentists feel, some dark contrast is essential in a high gloss white kitchen, so consider adding a dark grey floor or black worktop in order to achieve the best results.

white kitchen with black worktop


The Shaker is the pinnacle of kitchen design, and while you may be used to seeing it in creams and ivories, you will not be surprised to hear that it looks great in white too. A soft, matte white such as Satin White makes for a wonderfully traditional Shaker kitchen door. Combine with wooden worktops and flooring for an elegant kitchen that will remain stylish for many years to come.

white kitchen doors with parquet

Cathedral White Kitchen Doors

Cathedral kitchen doors are another iconic style that you may associate with a different colour. But the stylish versatility of white kitchen doors means that cathedral doors, usually found in woodgrain finishes, also look great in white. Super White Ash is a perfect combination of the two with its textured woodgrain finish giving it a wonderful rustic feel. In fact, any one of our textured white kitchen doors would be perfect for a traditional cathedral kitchen.

white gloss cathedral kitchen doors

White kitchen doors are always going to be on trend thanks to their simple style and sheer versatility. With so many options to choose from, there really is a white kitchen out there for every home and every budget, so give your cooking space the makeover it deserves with white kitchen doors.