With Christmas drawing closer and the weather getting colder, the kitchen is, aside from the roasting of the turkey, often neglected through the winter period. But it shouldn’t be that way, and these 3 tips can help you get the most out of your kitchen this Christmas.

A green kitchen will help give your room a Christmas feel.
Reds and Greens are essential in giving kitchens that Christmas feel. Shown here: Matt Kombu Green from the Cambio Range

1. Give your kitchen a splash of colour

As the wind blows outside, the right colour scheme can give your kitchen either a warm, summer feel, or embrace the cold and transform it into a cosy winter wonderland.

Sunny colours such as white, cream and bright blue can help your cupboards to provide a great contrast against the dark winter days outside. Green, although not usually used for kitchen doors, can really brighten up your kitchen.

Alternatively, warmer colours provide the perfect backdrop to a chilly winter evening. Browns, taupes, sage and darker ivories are all ideal. Dark oak, Walnut and other dark shades of woodgrain also help with achieving that Christmassy feeling, especially when complemented with the right lighting. Which brings us to point number two.

2. Light it up

Some subtle lighting can really help to bring a kitchen to life. An Aga oven’s lit stove will do wonders but aren’t exactly cheap, especially during the already costly Christmas period. Lighting however, doesn't have to be expensive, and as it’s Christmas, why not some fairy lights? A draping across the kitchen doors or windowsills not only provides some light but helps to spread Christmas cheer and add a warm glow to the room.

3. Decorate

Following on from the fairy lights, decorations allow you to really give your kitchen that Christmas feel and helps you add that personal touch. Green and red is the order of the day here. Holly is a must and goes exceptionally well with anything red. Other accessories such as seasonal tea towels also look great. Most importantly though, it’s Christmas, so have fun!

How will you improve your kitchen this Christmas?

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