If you are thinking that your kitchen cupboard doors are perfectly OK and that going to the bother of replacing them is just a waste of time, you will benefit from finding out the types of reasons why people change their doors. People decide to buy replacement kitchen cabinet doors for all sorts of reasons and some of them are probably surprising.

My kitchen cupboard doors are old

Well, this is pretty basic. If your doors are looking old and worn, your kitchen will look that way too. Even if the cabinets themselves are in good shape and the worktops are still serviceable; old, dirty and worn kitchen cabinet doors will let down the entire room.

Your kitchen doors can become worn far more quickly than the rest of your kitchen. This is because they see the most use and collect the most dirt. All that cleaning and scrubbing can result in a worn surface which will make them look old before their time. Perhaps your kitchen cupboard doors were relatively cheap in terms of the materials used, at the time they were bought. This means they are unlikely to last well and will need replacing ahead of other more durable materials such as tiles and work surfaces.

My kitchen cupboard doors are unfashionable

Perhaps you have moved into a new house and the colours or design ideas of the previous owner are not to your taste. Or maybe you fell for some fashion phase and bought doors which were only ever going to last a few seasons before they fell out of favour. In this case, replacing the doors is the perfect way to update without having to spend a fortune.

Replacement kitchen doors are the perfect way to keep up with current trends. You can replace the doors as often as you wish, with the minimum of fuss and the minimum of expenditure.

My family circumstances have changed

If you have recently had children or acquired a pet, you will be needing a kitchen which is a little more practical and easy to look after. Sticky fingers, dirty paws and wet noses all make short work of any polishing of surfaces you have completed. Your high gloss units will soon look like unusual works of art.

Simply swapping your kitchen doors for matt, painted or wood effect doors can really make all the difference. You won't be cleaning constantly and your little ones can have fun without the hope of ruining your new kitchen.

new cupboard doors

I need more cupboard space

Assuming you have extra wall space, you can easily add cabinets to your kitchen – as long as you can find matching cupboard doors. Of course this is not always easy and sometimes replacing all of the existing cupboard doors to match your new ones is the only answer.

Many replacement kitchen door companies will sell cabinets which will match the dimensions of your existing ones and then all you need to do is find the doors which will transform your kitchen making it bigger and more practical all at once.

I am on a tight budget, but I want a new kitchen

Even if you have no reason for a new kitchen other than the fact you just want a change, your budget may be holding you back. Just replacing the kitchen cabinet doors is enough to make a substantial change without breaking the bank. You will save on the cost of ripping out the and installing new cabinets, the cost of new cabinets, the cost of tiling and worktops and you will get a kitchen which, for all intents and purposes looks and feels brand new. And you can even do it yourself!