One very good reason for choosing to make small changes to your kitchen is because you will inevitably save money. Even the smallest things can make a big difference and you won't need to splash out on installing an entirely new kitchen.

We all know that a new kitchen can cost upwards of £5,000. Our ideas for a budget makeover will come in a less than a few hundred pounds. Savings like that cannot be ignored.

These five top tips for improving your kitchen on a budget will really show you that if your pocket aren't deep, your ambitions still can be. You could try one or two of these ideas, or even all of them if you want a full makeover.


Swap your kitchen cupboard handles

If you feel that your kitchen needs to be freshened up, you should take a closer look at your door handles. These are the one feature of your kitchen cupboards which we use most regularly and they are the first to show wear and tear.

Your handles might be scratched, dented, old fashioned or just a bit boring. Spending just a few pounds could be all it takes to add a little sparkle back to your kitchen.

Try some more modern ideas, such as glass or stainless steel handles and knobs. For less than £5 each you could have a great look which will transform your cupboards.

Replace the doors

If you have had your current kitchen for longer than a few years the kitchen cupboard doors may need updating before the carcasses do. In many cases the layout of the kitchen still suits your purposes and all you need to do is fit new kitchen doors to your existing units.

This is by far the best and most cost effective way of making a dramatic change to your kitchen. It is easy to complete yourself and cheap kitchen doors will save you a fortune.


Choose satin finished doors

For a long lasting design change, satin doors cannot be beaten. Not only will you be getting doors which are cheaper than the highly fashionable gloss finishes, but they will last a long time and will not show marks.

Satin finished doors, such as those from the Bella range, are a durable choice which will look great in any kitchen. You can choose from a range of colours to give your kitchen the lift it needs. Plus the doors start at very reasonable prices.

Paint your tiles

You may remember seeing painted tiles on old episodes of home makeover shows and worry that the look you will achieve is more interior disaster than interior design. In fact, these days there are some great tile painting kits available and the results can be very good.

All it takes is giving your tiles a thorough clean, priming them with special paint and then using tile paint in your choice of colour. You may also want to refresh the grout lines to keep it all looking neat.

Changing your coloured and outdated tiles to plain and simple white will refresh any kitchen and you could achieve the look in less than one day.

Do it all yourself

The biggest part of any new kitchen project is often the cost of the labour. By deciding to change your kitchen doors or tackle any of the smaller tasks we have listed above, you will be able to complete the work yourself.

Take a look at the videos on our website to familiarise yourself with exactly how it is done. You will be surprised just how easy it is.

You can expect to save hundreds or even thousands of pounds by simply getting out a screw driver and fitting it all yourself.