It is that time of the year when, high on the agenda, is how to save money. Christmas has well and truly drained your resources and the New Year is promising to be just as expensive as the old one. So you would think that a new, refreshed and attractive kitchen is well and truly off the cards. You just can't afford it. Well, with replacement kitchen doors you can save money, and here are five very good reasons how.

Save money with Narrow Frame Shaker replacement kitchen doors in High Gloss Light Grey
You can achieve a low cost, great looking kitchen with us

Save money by doing it yourself

Probably one of the most significant cost associated with a new kitchen is the cost of getting someone in to fit it. This can be compounded if that person also has to replace your electrics, complete your tiling, paint the walls and fit your gas hob. All of these trades are needed if you are replacing your kitchen from scratch.

A replacement kitchen only needs the doors to be added to the already existing cabinets - a job that you can easily do on your own. All it needs is a simple understanding of how to use a screwdriver and a few minutes watching one of our instruction videos. It really is as easy (and as cheap) as that!

There are no associated costs

Think about all of those extras that you need to account for when you replace your kitchen. Skips for the waste. Cleaning up after and during the job, eating out and delivery charges for the kitchen and appliances. These really can add up - a skip will cost you in excess of £150, as an example. With replacement kitchen doors, your old doors can be loaded into your car and taken directly to the recycling centre. Easy!

Because replacement kitchen doors can be fitted in just a weekend, your kitchen doesn't need to be out of action at all. And you will never need to pay for a restaurant or subject your family to a microwave meal. Unless you want to , of course!

Save money by buying online

Most replacement kitchen door suppliers have websites online to allow you to order direct from them. This means that they can keep the costs to an absolute minimum - coming in much cheaper than the High Street. These costs are kept low due to minimal overheads, low staff costs and generally running a tight ship. Trust us, we know exactly what this means.

Your order will usually arrive as just one delivery instead of being spread over many deliveries. This will mean you will be charged just one delivery charge.

No designer costs

While a High Street kitchen seller may tell you that the sale of their kitchen includes the services of a designer, you can be sure that you are paying for this person to come to your house and measure up your kitchen space. It is built into the cost of the kitchen. When using replacement kitchen doors, you stick to your original layout, maybe with the addition of a cupboard or two. Meaning that the need for a designer is nil.

Ongoing costs are reduced

The use of replacement kitchen doors allows you to pay for doors that are very high quality. This means they will last longer, saving you money in the long run. Our doors are made from high grade MDF with a vinyl coating that is designed to look great year after year. It pains us to say it, but we don't want you as a return customer in five years time. These kitchens should last longer than that.

Overall you can save money with replacement kitchen doors, and also get great value. Compare that to the time, hassle and money that comes from a new kitchen and see why it really can be on the agenda.