When it comes to makeovers, bedrooms are often neglected with people opting to spruce up their kitchens and bathrooms instead. But we think it shouldn’t be that way – statistics suggest that we spend more than a third of our life sleeping – so why shouldn’t it be somewhere nice. Many people are put off by how expensive it can potentially be, especially for a room most visitors will never see, so we’ve put together 5 inexpensive ways to revitalise your bedroom.

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1. The Bed

The bed is the crown jewel of every bedroom – so make sure you have one that is the right size, beautiful, and above all, comfortable. Not only is getting a good night’s sleep incredibly important, but the bed is the focal point and will set the tone for the rest of the room. If the bed is too big or too small, it will make the whole room look off. And of course, you want the actual bed itself to look good. Whether you opt for a luxurious wooden king size with lavish drapes or a dual functioning daybed, always keep in mind what style room you are going for. Most important of all – make sure the bed is comfortable! There is no point having a beautiful bedroom if sleeping in it causes you pain. Thankfully, there is such a wide range of beds to choose from these days that there is a comfortable, affordable bed to suit every style.

2. Accessorise

This is where you can let your design ambitions run wild and really add your personal touch to the room. There are so many things you can do to spruce up your bedroom at a fraction of the cost of a full makeover. Pillows are the obvious choice. Bright coloured pillows and bedding can transform the room into something truly magical. Mirrors can be expensive, but are a sure-fire way of adding elegant style to the room. They give the illusion of adding space while providing practicality to the room. Rugs and lamps are also great cost effective ways of revitalising your bedroom.

3. De-clutter

Nobody likes doing it and it may seem like something your mother would say but – tidy your room! Clutter can instantly transform even the most stylish of bedrooms into an unattractive mess. Invest some time into giving your room a proper tidy up – not just shoving it all under the bed. Throw stuff away if you have to, or consider storage systems to keep clutter out of sight. If you have shelves, remove unnecessary items and limit yourself to a few simple objects such as aromatic candles or some good books.  Not only will tidying the room make it look cleaner, it will make it seem bigger too.

4. Wardrobes and Drawers

Second only to the bed, the wardrobe is a key feature of all bedrooms. It gives you the opportunity to add character to the room. With so many colours and styles to choose from, there is something to suit all tastes. From traditional Shaker styling to modern high gloss finishes. Colour wise – black, white and woodgrain are the epitome of wardrobe style while bolder colours such as red and purple are becoming increasing popular. Replacing your drawers is also another way to improve your bedroom – be it with classic wooden drawers or modern handle-less ones. With a new bed potentially being expensive and accessories being cheap, replacing your bedroom doors is arguably the most cost effective option when renovating your bedroom.

5. Paint

As simple as it sounds, a lick of paint can completely transform your bedroom. A painted feature wall in a vibrant colour can have massive impact on the overall look of the room. Alternatively, simply repainting the whole room and covering up small holes and dings will make it appear to be completely new. Painting your room is cheap too; you should be able to get more than enough paint for less than £20.

Those are our top tips – how would you revitalise your bedroom?