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So, you are looking at your kitchen and a feeling of utter contempt comes over you. Maybe you liked your kitchen a few years ago and maybe it was perfect when you first moved in.  But now it fills you with dread.

What you need is a super-quick and easy makeover using replacement kitchen doors and other special touches that won't cost you a fortune. Luckily we have some fantastic ideas that will take up a weekend but result in filling you and your kitchen with joy.

Go for something high end and modern to really lift your kitchen

New cupboard doors

Well you certainly didn't think that we would avoid this most obvious option?  New doors will instantly spruce up your kitchen and can be fitted in just a few hours. they are cheaper than a whole new kitchen, easier and quicker to fit and they can instantly lift a tired kitchen out of the doldrums.

We have a huge variety to choose from including traditional options in woodgrain and more modern options such as high gloss. Plus there are so many colour options available, you will have trouble choosing.

New handles

Even if you don't want to make a huge change you can easily improve the look and feel of your kitchen with new handles. Handles are the most often used part of the kitchen. They endure dirty hands, wet hands, bangs and scrapes and still come back for more. Eventually though, your handles will need replacing and this is where we come in.

Whether they are cup handles for a retro feel or bar handles for an up to date look, you will be amazed at the range you can choose from and the difference they can make.

New plinths or pelmets

We tend to forget about the detail of our kitchens and ignore the damage and dirt that can affect the look of the upper and lower parts of your kitchen.

Plinths can be especially badly affected by kicking feet and animals.  Even this relatively small change can really lift your kitchen.

Our plinths, pelmets and end panels are designed to match our replacement kitchen doors, but as we have such a huge range, you are bound to find one that will work with your existing kitchen, if you wish.

New worktops

These can be a little expensive and tricky to install but you will really improve the look of your kitchen by splashing out on worktops.  They come in many colours these days and if you are really feeling like treating yourself you can choose solid wood or stone.  This hardwood material will last a lifetime and can be the basis of a high quality kitchen.

New colour scheme

If all else fails, your kitchen can be improved considerably by simply updating the paint work and buying some new colourful accessories.

For darker rooms you should go for white or cream walls punctuated by bright shades of greens and yellows.  If the room is bright you can really go to town in terms of colour adding pops of reds, blues and terracotta.

While you may not feel that you have the time money or energy to complete all of these tasks in one weekend you can easily do one or two.  Even a small change can make an important improvement to the room you use the most. Your kitchen. No longer will you dread cooking in your kitchen - it can become your favourite room in the house.


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