If you have finally decided to take the plunge and replace your kitchen cabinet doors and worktop, you may be worried about making the right choices for you and your needs. There are so many things to take into account when re-designing your kitchen. Should you add more kitchen cabinets, go for a retro look or modern and how much will it all cost?

Our top tips on re-designing your kitchen should help you to make those choices and will show you how replacing your kitchen cabinet doors will achieve the look you want within your budget -without having to throw your old kitchen away!

Set a realistic budget

Knowing how much you can spend is your logical first step. Before you start looking through brochures, getting samples and ordering items, you need to have a defined budget in mind. Thankfully, buying replacement kitchen cabinets and doors is one way to keep your spending tightly under control. But make sure you take into account other sundries such as paint, new flooring, tiles or taps.

Choose doors which suit your needs

Think about your needs as a family before you make your choice of colour, style and material. Those with children or pets might want hard-wearing materials and colours which will not show the dirt, while a more modern look might work best in an apartment setting. Remember to consider the rest of your house and make sure your new kitchen fits in with the general style of your home.

Re-designing your kitchen with Lissa Oak kitchen doors

Re-designing is the time to add cabinets

If you have the room, now is the time to add extra kitchen cabinets. If you decide to leave it for another time, you may find that you can't get an exact match. Your replacement kitchen door manufacturer should be able to supply you with cabinets to match the ones you already have.

Choose the best supplier

Do your homework on who supplies the best value cabinets, worktops and doors before you commit to placing your order. Make sure that you can get delivery which suits you, that the returns process is simple and that they have good online reviews. Better still, get a recommendation from someone you know.

Take your time when ordering

Make sure that you have measured your current kitchen cabinets and doors to ensure you are getting the right sizes. It is easy to do. Just measure the inside of your current doors. For the most part, replacement kitchen doors tend to fit standard sizes of cabinets, but you can get special items made to meet your needs.

Always get samples

Ask for colour and material samples for your replacement doors and worktops. Check these in all different lights and times of the day. This will help you make the right decision. Your supplier should be willing to send these for you, although you may need to pay for some samples. This is always worthwhile and shouldn't be excessive.

Get help if you need it

Some people just are not cut out for DIY. If this is you, there is no shame in asking a local tradesman to come and install your new kitchen cabinet doors for you. You may also find that your supplier has access to local tradesman or a fitting service. This will take a weight off your mind and ensure a great finished product.

Any household project involving re-designing requires plenty of thought and preparation. In fact the bulk of your time should be devoted to this aspect. But once the work is complete you will have many years of enjoyment. At that point you won't be concerned about the time you spent making the right choices for your replacement kitchen.