If the thought of walking into your kitchen fills you with dread, it seems that you are not alone. Many of us find keeping the kitchen clean and tidy a difficult task and a recent survey seems to have proved it. But the simple act of adding cupboard space or new kitchen doors may be all that is required to turn you from slovenly to superior.

The survey, carried out by a cleaning company found that the more than half of those people they questioned would think nothing of leaving their dishes overnight in the sink – rather than wash up before bed. 34% admitted they only deep clean their kitchen once each year, often at Christmas or sometimes for Spring and 26% say their kitchen is never as clean as it should be.

Worse still, 25% of those questioned said that they spend about ten minutes cleaning their kitchen each time they do it and they call this a thorough clean. One third only do this type of clean two or three times a week.

So, it seems that cleaning the kitchen is a real chore which most of us would rather avoid. But why is this the case? We would bet, that if the surfaces were clear of clutter and there was enough room, the kitchen would be sparkling clean much more often.

This is where new replacement kitchen doors and cabinets would be the perfect solution. Simply adding extra cupboard space with the addition of a cabinet or two could make the all the difference. If you could store the tea and coffee canisters, the coffee machine and the blender in a cupboard, you would be able to see the wood for the trees. Not only would the kitchen be easier to clean, it might not seem to like such a hard job.

Getting extra storage space in your kitchen is easy. All you need to do is go online and order the required number of replacement kitchen cabinets you need and some doors to match your existing ones. If this isn't possible, you can get replacement kitchen doors for your other cabinets as well. This will mean your kitchen will look even better.

You may be wondering where these kitchen cabinets are going to go when your kitchen is already small. If all the wall space is already taken, you may want to consider replacing your smaller wall cabinets for larger ones. You could have cabinets which reach the ceiling, giving you plenty of extra room. Plus this is a much cleaner and more modern look.

When you are deciding on the right replacement kitchen doors to use, think about keeping them clean and how easy it will be. Gloss doors will show the marks, but will encourage you to clean more often, while wooden finishes will hide the dirt. If you are like most Brits and would rather not clean too often, this type of finish might be perfect for you.

You may also want to think about adding better shelving inside your kitchen cabinets to encourage better usage. This is particularly true for corner cupboards where the space can be difficult to reach. A simply carousel unit can make life much easier and your kitchen  much less cluttered.

It is true that the kitchen is an area where bacteria can easily grow and where you need to be as clean as possible. For this reason you want to have clean lines and as few nooks and crannies as you can. Installing integrated appliances, new worktops, glass back-splashes and a new sink can be the perfect way to ban bacteria and keep everything looking fresh and clean.

So whether you are the type to clean daily or you are one of those who leaves the dishes to fester for days, chances are new kitchen doors and extra cabinets will mean your kitchen will be cleaner than ever.