There is nothing quite like walking into a brand new kitchen and getting an instant “wow factor”. Not only does the perfect kitchen require great kitchen doors and a perfect tile job, it also needs accessories and those finishing touches which really make it stand out from the rest.

If you have gone to all the trouble of fitting new kitchen doors to your existing cabinets, you would never want to ruin the look by sticking with your old handles and not making the most of all the accessories you could use to give your kitchen that extra special look. So what sorts of things might you want to add to your kitchen to turn it from pretty good into fantastic?

Handles and knobs

We can all pop down to the local DIY store and pick up a plain old stainless steel bar or a wooden knob for our kitchen doors and no one is saying they don't do the job adequately. But if you could get your hands on a Swarovski crystal door knob – you would, wouldn't you?

Kitchen Knobs & Handles
Kitchen Knobs & Handles

Just looking around at some of the options available these days for kitchen door handles and knobs could lead you into places you would never have thought of. You could go for inset handles or ultra modern square knobs. If you like the traditional look there are country style pull openers and even black metal latch style handles.

The best thing is that when you buy your new cupboard doors you have yet another choice to make. The fun of designing your kitchen certainly doesn't stop at choosing the door colour.

Drawer and cupboard interiors

It may only be you and your family who open your drawers and cupboards, but having the right interior design is still an important part of the look and feel of your kitchen. It improves how you use your kitchen and gives you many more options when it comes to storage. You may finally be able to clear some of the clutter from your worktop.

You could choose wooden cutlery trays and wire pull out drawers which are perfect for keeping things where they should be. If you like your storage on display, you could opt for rattan baskets. These are perfect for storing your vegetables or even just for your tea towels and dishcloths.

Worktops and accessories

There is absolutely no reason why you cannot replace your worktop while you are fitting new kitchen doors. An old worktop can make a kitchen look very tired and dated and fitting a replacement can make such a big difference.

worktops and accessories make all the difference to your kitchen transformation
New kitchen worktops are hardwearing and easy to clean

The colours and styles available these days are mind-boggling, but you cannot go past a good black granite-style worktop or you could choose one which matches your tiles or flooring.

Whether it is a gloss or textured finish, a new worktop really will give you the look you are after. If you want a natural look in your kitchen, your worktop can be made out of any type of wood you like. From beech to walnut ad on to oak and cherry. It is all available and can be ordered from your online kitchen cabinet door supplier at the same time you get your doors.

A kitchen which you will be proud to show off is easy to achieve with the right accessories. It is simply a matter of choosing the right ones for you. If you are having trouble deciding, simply ask your manufacturer for some samples to see how the whole effect will look in your home.