You’ve probably heard it all before, drink a glass of water, read a book, and don’t use your phone, just some of the common tips for getting a better night’s sleep. But you’ve probably never thought replacing your bedroom doors could give you a proper, well deserved rest. Well it can, and so can so much else. Believe it or not, the design of your bedroom really can help you get a decent night’s kip, and in this week’s blog post we look at some top sleep-inducing bedroom design tips from the position of the bed to the colour of your wardrobe doors.

Furniture Arrangements

Though we don’t often realise it, our surroundings can have a massive effect on us and our sleep. So when designing your bedroom, arrange it in a way that will comfort your body and relax your mind. In order to feel balanced and be centred on sleeping, place our bed against a wall and if possible, facing away from doors and windows. Using a sturdy headboard can help add a real sense of stability. On a more psychological level, creating symmetry through the use of paintings, pillows and decorative rugs will give your place of rest a calm, soothing feel.

Super White Ash bedroom doors

Colour Smart

Not only is the colour scheme vital to the look of your bedroom, but it can have a massive effect on the feel. Cool colours such as light blues, greens and greys can actually help to reduce your heart rate and as such are perfect for promoting better sleep. Warm colours on the other hand can have the opposite effect and can in fact be detrimental to the amount of sleep you get. Use a combination of cool colours such as grey bedroom doors, white bedding and some light blue pillows. Here at the Kitchen Door Workshop, we feel our light grey bedroom door, as shown below, is a perfect example of this. Muted and pastel shades of blue and green are ideal throughout the room on walls, duvets, rugs and wall hangings.

Light Grey bedroom doors

Hit the lights

It sounds obvious, but a soothing room that helps you fall asleep faster should be dark, or at the very least use soft lighting. Light dimmers are a cheap and practical method of getting a better night’s sleep. Additionally, minimise the lighting coming from outside through the use of blackout liners on draperies to prevent light from disturbing your sleep.

Soft light for bedroom

Clean Sweep

A clean, tidy and uncluttered bedroom is a sure-fire way to improve your night’s sleep. Even if you can’t see it, you know all that clutter is still there, so don’t just push it under the bed, let the room breathe by giving it a comprehensive declutter. Open closets and overflowing bedroom drawers are a big no. So when designing your bedroom and choosing your wardrobe doors, consider smart storage solutions to help rid your home of clutter. It sounds borderline ridiculous, but a clean and tidy room will give you a better night’s sleep.

While the appearance of your bedroom will always be the prevailing factor, remember you’re going to have to sleep in that room for the foreseeable future, so consider these tips to ensure you always get a good night’s sleep.