A walk in wardrobe is one of those luxuries which you would only expect in the largest and most expensive homes. However, if you have a little space, you can create your own walk in wardrobe in no time and with the help of replacement bedroom doors, you will achieve a look which is professional and stylish – all on a small budget.

What is a walk in wardrobe?

A walk in wardrobe is a space which is generally larger than a closet and where you can step inside and be confronted with all of your clothes, shoes, handbags and other bedroom items. It is often lined with cupboards, hanging rails, shelving and more - designed to hold all of your items neatly and out of the way. It is ideal for any fashionista or hoarder!

Replacement wardrobe doors
Use replacement doors to create a walk in wardrobe

Where will I put it?

Of course you need the space to add a walk in wardrobe to your bedroom, but you can always build a partition wall in one corner of your bedroom or you can use a small unused bedroom as your personal wardrobe space. It can easily be turned back into a bedroom at a later date. Some people will prefer to have a wardrobe rather than an ensuite.

Doors for a walk in wardrobe

The first thing you will see in your new space is the door which separates it from your bedroom. You can use a replacement bedroom door to provide this. It will turn this small room into a piece of furniture which can match with your bedside cabinets, your drawers and even your tables or desks.

What about inside?

Once you enter your wardrobe space you have so many options to choose from. You may want to combine many different storage options in the one space. For shelves, you can use worktops. These are sturdy and easy to keep clean. They will provide the ideal space to fold clothes and display precious items. Other shelving should be in a similar type of material as is used for the cupboard carcasses. Try to get a uniformed look – perhaps all oak veneer or white laminate.

Try adding a few kitchen carcasses with matching door fronts. You can use glazed units for displaying your shoes and handbags for easy identification. And solid doors for hiding those items you don't want on display. There is nothing which looks quite as neat as walking into a wardrobe of this kind and seeing banks of neat cupboards, rather than clothing spilling out everywhere.

Using kitchen accessories

Many kitchen cupboards comes with accessories which really work well in a wardrobe. These might include pull out wire mesh baskets, wicker baskets and drawer inserts which are ideal for jewellery. If you fear that the space may be slightly too “kitcheny” you can carefully choose the right door and colour combination to avoid this. Whites and woods work very well in bedrooms.

Hanging rails can also be hidden behind full length bedroom replacement doors. If you wish you can have these left on display and use end panels to create a great looking carcass for the rail which looks a million dollars but costs much less.

Finally think about handles and finishing touches. Plinths are a great idea for keeping the space looking tidy and completed and cornices are a ideal if you really want your walk in wardrobe to look opulent.

Your walk in wardrobe space is so much more than just somewhere to hide your clutter. It is about organisation, neatness and creating a space which is all about your needs and requirements. With a little forethought, planning and consideration you could ave the space of your dreams. Just buy a few carcasses, some replacement doors, a worktop and you are set to go.