If you thought that adding a new kitchen to your home would mean weeks of planning, noise, dust, eating from the microwave and choosing new tiles - you obviously haven't heard about replacement kitchen doors. The whole concept is that you get a kitchen that looks new and one that feels new, but the basic structure of your kitchen stays the same. This saves you lots of money, but perhaps more importantly, it saves you an incredible amount of time!

Light Grey Shaker Kitchen

Transform your kitchen in just two days! Shown here: Trends Washington Light Grey

You may not believe that it is possible to create a new kitchen in just two days - but we have seen it happen and the results can be spectacular. Take a look at our time line and see if you can keep up with our schedule (it really isn't hard).

One month before 

Now is the time to spend a few minutes online deciding the colour, style and material for your new kitchen doors. You should also get some samples sent, just in case you can't make up your mind.

Once this is done, you just need to measure your old doors and make your order online. if you aren't sure how to do this, look at our video guides. You can also call us to get some help if you need it. Don't forget that we make our kitchen doors bespoke - just for you. So unusual shapes and sizes are not a problem.

If you need new handles and hinges - order these now too.

Day one

Your new replacement kitchen doors have arrived and you have checked everything is there. We don't often make mistakes, but you should check the sizes, just in case you need to order anything else. This happens rarely though.

Now clear your kitchen surfaces to give you enough room to get access to your kitchen cupboards. You shouldn't need to remove the cupboard contents, but if you think you will take this time to have a good old clean, feel free.

Now remove your old kitchen cupboard doors and put them to one side. If you are reusing the hinges or handles you should remove them.

Attach the hinges to your new kitchen doors, using the predrilled holes to help you. You can also add the handles at this point if you feel it would be easier to do this before they are put up. Some people prefer to wait and see how each door will look before they decide on the position of the handle.

Taking care to place each door on the correct cabinet you can now fix the doors in place. This is a simple case of clicking into the hinge ad adjusting with a screwdriver. Once they are all up you can adjust each one so you have equal spaces between and the tops and bottoms match.

Day two

You may be thinking - what's left? Your kitchen is virtually complete. Day two is for those finishing touches that you may or may not decide to do. This will include end panels, plinths and pelmets, new paint or just a really good clean.

Many people find that the new kitchen colour or style inspires them to add new kitchen accessories, a new window blind and even some new appliances. With all the money and time you have saved, you can certainly afford to splash out!

Or day two can consist of sitting back and enjoying your brand new, fancy looking kitchen with a well earned cup of tea.

So, you really can get a new kitchen in just two days (or even one if you are extra fast) and all for a fraction of the cost of a brand new full kitchen makeover. We won't tell if you don't!