Whether you have a mansion in the middle of the country or a flat in the middle of Birmingham, it’s easy to create a country cottage look for a charming kitchen.  All it takes is the right choice of country-style replacement kitchen doors to really pull off this look.

Westfield style for a charming kitchen update
The Westfield in Lissa Oak is ideal for a charming kitchen look

Which cupboard style for a charming kitchen look?

We’re going to focus on the kitchen. Because this is a working area, your room needs to look wonderful but also be practical. We’ll start with the kitchen doors. For replacement kitchen doors in a great country cottage style we suggest the Westfield in Lissa Oak, a perfect warm wood colour with a traditionally carved style. You can also try enhancing the eclectic look with two styles of design and finish, so add some units in Midhurst too, in a different kind of wood – beech is a nice contrast. Choose some of the doors in an open frame, to show off your collections of kitchen ware. The advantage is that these units look perfectly old fashioned, but you can be assured that they’re made from all new materials and are very easy to clean and look after.

What else would look good?

The key to country cottage style charming kitchens is more is more; you’re not looking for clean minimalism here. So, we suggest adding all the extras to your cupboards, top and bottom. Plinths, cornices, and pelmets all look good. Especially the more complicated designs – add a scalloped cornice and you’re on to a winner. And pick an old fashioned handle – perhaps the bronze D handle featuring fleur de lys. Or a bronze thumb latch handle. Anything bronze, really, will work.

Ideally, now you want to add an Aga, but a less expensive modern cooker is fine. You can get cookers in less jarring colours than sleek white or chrome – look for matt black or green enamel. As for the fridge, washing machine and dishwasher, they’re easily covered with our special matching integrated replacement doors, so they won’t stand out.

Flooring – a traditional chequer board pattern of floor tiles, in black and white or classic terracotta will look authentic. Alternatively, choose stripped and waxed wood. Both are practical for a kitchen. For warmth underfoot, find some old fashioned rag rugs – if you’re a crafter you can even make them! Pick some matching chequerboard tiles for your splash backs, too. Look in antique markets to find some really special antique tiles to use as highlights, and tile the rest in modern reproductions in colours to match your scheme.

Search out some bargains!

Fabrics are important for achieving a country style for a charming kitchen. Tablecloths, curtains, napkins, tea towels... Think embroidery, cheerful colours, good quality finishes and a bit of a mismatch and you’re there. You can pick up old embroidered linen table cloths very cheaply. Repurpose them into curtains, or find some nice fabric and make your own. Make sure that your kitchen essentials fit in well, too. An enamel stovetop kettle and matching toaster, or a classic Kitchen Aid mixer in soothing cream are perfect.

An idiosyncratic collection of something is a must. Pottery and kitchen implements are most fitting: perhaps you need a new obsession with Victorian ceramic jelly moulds, or various copper pans. You can mount interesting plates on the walls, or hang a row of jugs from the picture rail. You might want to start a collection of country scenes in oils with fascinating frames. Alternatively, go more quirky with a set of old toy cars or a row of Greek statues overlooking you as you cook.

The key to a charming kitchen with a country cottage look is all about the mismatched, slightly scuffed, and the quirky. Show off your family treasures in the kitchen and have fun finding more!