When you decide to update your kitchen with new replacement kitchen doors, the origin of the wood may the last detail on your mind. Whether the doors are well made and meet your size, colour and style specifications (and of course our doors will) may be your main consideration. But you may not even think about whether the wood is sustainable. Actually, we don't want you to worry about sustainability, because we have done the thinking for you.

We choose wood from sustainable sources because it is great for the environment and it looks great too.

There are lots of reasons why you might want to choose replacement kitchen doors that are made from sustainable sources of wood. These range from environmental to practical reasons. The fact we supply sustainable wood products as standard makes the job of finding the right wood easy for you.

Our kitchen doors are made from wood that has been approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This means the wood has been sourced from places where the environment and wildlife have been managed and looked after.

It saves the rainforests

Unfortunately huge swathes of South American rainforests are being illegally felled every day. And much of this wood makes its way into the general wood markets. This means the wood has not been approved by any UK body for sale. But due to its slightly cheaper price it can still end up in the supply chain. Buying wood that has been approved by the FSC means that you can be sure that the rainforests have not been affected by your purchase.

It is better for local people

People working in illegal deforestation are not subject to health and safety rules. They're also likely to be paid unfairly for the very dangerous work of felling trees. But by buying sustainable wood you can be sure that those who have worked to supply it are fairly paid and looked after. In fact much of the wood has probably come from local sources.

It is better for the environment

We all know that trees are the lungs of the earth and that without plant life, we wouldn't be here. So it is important to us that all of the trees used for our products are replaced. In much the same way as we believe in recycling, we ensure that the trees felled for our products are replaced. In this way, our work ensures full sustainability. It makes us feel good too.

It is better for wildlife

There are millions of species of animals and insects living in the rainforests. Many of them rely on that environment to survive. As the rainforest is cleared, these species are dying and in some cases they become extinct. Ensuring that your wood comes from a sustainable source prevents this destruction of the earth's wildlife and plant life.

It makes you feel better too

Even if you have never given it a moments thought, you would be horrified to learn that your brand new kitchen came from a piece of beautiful rainforest and that people were working in poor conditions to create it for you. Most people simply would not accept that. So, we want you to rest easy, knowing that your kitchen is responsibly sourced. The fact it has been brought to you sustainably means you can feel good about your purchase.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of reasons to choose sustainable wood. And none of them are going to cost you more money. Almost all wood used in the UK is carefully sourced, and we are no different.