Choosing the right kitchen doors when completing a make-over on your kitchen can be a daunting thing to do. But then you do need to decide on the accessories your kitchen will need. This means door handles, and unfortunately there are so many stylish options available you'll be spoiled for choice.

So what questions should you ask yourself when choosing the right door handles for your new replacement kitchen doors?

Doors or handles first?

In certain situations you may actually decide on the handles before you choose your replacement cabinet doors. You may have seen handles which struck you as very special and decided to base your kitchen design around them. This might seem like a surprising thing to do, but actually, with some of the products available these days it isn't that unusual. Take the Swarovski bars and knobs as perfect examples. These are studded with crystals and would look great next to black gloss cabinets.

In most cases, however you will choose your handles after you have decided on the style and material of your door first.

The door style

You will have chosen a door which is either modern or traditional and your door handles should follow suit. So this will mean that a shaker style wooden door will be best with a traditional style wooden knob or possible a metal decorative handle. If you have opted for a more modern style design such as gloss cabinets, you will probably want a long bar handles which comes in chrome. These are available in a number of styles from scooped, to barrel or strap handles.

Handles for drawers

When choosing furniture for your cupboard doors you should never forget that you will also need handles for your drawers. And these will need to work on a smaller frontage than the cupboards. Try to imagine how they will look on your drawer fronts. Make sure they do not overwhelm the drawer by taking up too much space.

What is your budget?

You can buy cupboard door handles which come in a variety of prices. These start from as little as a couple of pounds up to as much as £16 or £17. The choice is yours. And it is worthwhile bearing in mind that an amazing kitchen can be spoiled by adding cheaper hardware. You don't want to ruin your budget, but you should always buy the best handles you can afford. You want to be sure they will last as long as the doors do.

replacement kitchen door handles

Despite this it is worth noting that plainer style handles such as knobs and smaller bars can be very reasonably priced and they still offer great value for money. They may not be as decorative as some options, but they will still do a great job.

The door material

What your door is made of will have an enormous bearing on which type of handle you decide to buy. Obviously it would look odd to put a wooden knob on a high gloss door or to have a copper bar on an oak door. Gloss doors are best with metal handles while wooden doors or painted replacement doors can carry off a variety of styles. However the rule always applies that your should not mix types of wood and you should not mix and match your handles. Keep them uniform across the whole kitchen.

So, whether you have been won over by the fanciest handle you can find, or your want something much plainer, do take your time deciding which is best for you. The variety will certainly keep you guessing, possibly longer than it took to find the right door!