It’s the year of the World Cup again. Every 4 years, the nation becomes one and joins in all the festivities that come with World Cup celebrations or commiserations. And it's time to revamp your kitchen with some new bright coloured contemporary kitchen doors.

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For most, the World Cup means fun parties and evenings spent with family and friends. For those of you who are given the task to host or plan these parties, how can you make them truly memorable and enjoyable for all? Here are a few handy tips on how to hold the perfect World Cup party.

The first place to start is by picking the venue. British people are all well aware of the unpredictable nature of our weather here. So to save any heartache and disappointment, pick somewhere that has both indoor and outdoor capabilities. This ensures that you don’t lose out on any fun. There are many pubs around the country that have set up large screens and projectors outdoors so that those who wish to enjoy the weather can also watch the football matches. If you decide to host your party at home, then make sure you have enough seating areas for your guests and that all your valuables are put away safe. World Cup parties can get carried away with the excitement of a goal from our home team!

There isn’t really much decoration required when it comes to World Cup parties. However, there are a few must haves. A nice big screen to watch the match on is definitely one of the most important must haves. There is nothing worse than 20 people crowding around one laptop screen to watch football or a small TV. The only thing you need in the way of decorating is a flag of course! Be it an England one or whichever team you won in your sweepstake with work. Finally, set your lighting to be nice and soft. When you’re staring at a screen for 90+ minutes, there’s nothing worse than harsh lighting that starts to hurt your eyes.

If you’re hosting World Cup parties at home, you need to provide some food items to snack on during the games and half time. It is also a great excuse to do some home renovations in preparation. Can’t have your home looking scruffy now can we? Revamp your kitchen with some new bright accessories and contemporary kitchen doors. You don’t want anything that’s going to be too dainty for these kinds of gathering because they’ll be devoured in no time and you’ll still be left with hungry guests. A BBQ or buffet would work really well here, as it’s a self-sufficient way of cooking. You can get all the meat cooked beforehand, through together a few salads and coleslaw and you’re ready to go! Most people aren’t fussy about eating cold BBQ meat as it tastes such as delicious.

The shops are full of bunting and team themed party hats so if you are going all out try to get on your hands on some of these items and affix around the kitchen and TV area to get your guests geared up for a win. Be careful what you put your bunting up with, especially if you’re fixing them to the walls or kitchen doors, you don’t want to take chunks out of your home.

There will always be those couple of friends that don’t like football or the World Cup tournament. Of course, you can’t exclude them from the party, so provide them with other forms of entertainment like music, board games or a tablet to surf the net. However, watching everyone get excited over the football might be entertaining enough for them!