If you have completed your kitchen project and added lovely new replacement kitchen doors, you're probably really proud of what you have achieved. You may well be thinking that the rest of your house looks a little shabby in comparison – the bathroom in particular. If this is the case and you want to get a bathroom makeover underway, there is much you can achieve with kitchen doors and worktops.

Storage is an essential in today's modern bathrooms and unfortunately most of our homes are sadly lacking in this respect. You need cabinets for your toiletries and cupboards for your towels and another for your cleaning products and spare loo rolls. In a small room that can be a challenge. However it is a challenge which is easily overcome.

Why you might have thought kitchen doors wouldn't work in bathrooms

Most people seem to believe that special doors are required for bathrooms – after all they are damp and wet places where the doors could be easily damaged. However, kitchens are also wet and damp places and kitchen doors last perfectly in there. If you choose your door carefully and ensure it is not placed directly in the line of fire (water wise) there is no reason at all why it wouldn't last just as long as any other door.

Slab High Gloss Light Grey kitchen
Bathroom using Slab High Gloss Light Grey kitchen doors
High Gloss Light Grey doors work equally well in kitchens and bathrooms

There may also be a concern that bathroom cabinets and cupboards might be of different sizes than standard kitchen cabinets. This is absolutely true. But the joy of replacement kitchen doors is that you can get them in any size you require. On our website there are instructions on how to buy custom-sized doors and drawer fronts. This is a great option for the awkward spaces you might have in a small bathroom. If you have an old bathroom vanity unit, you will be able to get new doors and it will be cheaper than buying a whole replacement vanity unit again.

Why you should buy your bathroom doors from us

Here at Kitchen Door Workshop we have a number of doors which are especially suitable for your bathroom project. Plus we have all the accessories you might need, including handles, drawer fronts and even new carcasses and shelving. Not only that but our doors are of the highest quality and we offer a range of prices to suit any budget.

Gloss bathroom doors

Gloss doors are always going to be good in a bathroom. They can be easily wiped clean and will be less affected by condensation due to the heavy application of lacquer. Of course the fact that they also look great and reflect light in a small room is an additional bonus. Take a look a our Ultra Gloss Legato doors for a minimalist look which will be perfect for your bathroom. For the more adventurous these doors come in some great colours including Ultra Gloss Red.

Another great option for the bathroom are any of our painted doors. Once again these have a good wipeable finish and can be chosen in any colour you wish. Cambio doors in a satin finish would be ideal. There are a number of contemporary colours to choose from including silk white and stone grey.

Your new bathroom could be just around the corner if you place an order for new replacement doors soon. All you need is a little imagination. And the ability to visualise what could be an amazing transformation of the littlest room in the house. Before you know it you will be wondering what to do with all the cupboard space.