Having integrated appliances is probably one of the best ways you can transform your kitchen from a mish mash of units and cupboards into a streamlined and clean looking space. There is nothing quite like walking into a kitchen where the appliances have been hidden from sight. It looks neat and orderly – just like a kitchen should be.

If you are thinking of adding replacement kitchen doors to your current kitchen, you might be wondering if your current integrated appliances will still be catered for. After all, integrated cupboards doors are hard to fit – aren't they? You won't be surprised to hear that they are still quite easy and definitely something you can do yourself.

Why buy integrated?

If you are looking to upgrade your appliances to integrated versions at the same time as replacing your cupboard doors you have chosen the best time. There are plenty of great reasons for choosing hidden white-goods:

  • It gives your kitchen a cleaner and more streamlined look.
  • There are no hidden crevices next to, above or below your appliances which can catch dirt, dust and more.
  • Your kitchen will be quieter when the appliances are running as the cupboard door will dull some of the sound.
  • Your plinth between the cupboard doors and the floor will be able to go around your entire kitchen making it easier to tile and to keep the floor clean.
  • Your kitchen will feel more like a usable room rather than a place where clothes are washed or dishes are cleaned. This is especially true if you do not have a separate utility room.


How to replace your integrated kitchen doors

The doors themselves are not really any different to those you will have chosen for your other cupboards. It is simply the internal fittings which will set them apart.

Generally your appliance will have come with a set of attachment screws and clips. If you are buying new appliances you need to remember to keep these. If you are replacing an old door make sure you remove these clips from them before you throw them away. Different manufacturers will supply different types of screws and clips, so you may not be able to buy replacements.

Essentially you are screwing and clipping the cupboard door onto the front of the appliance which will not have the usual cover on it. The information which came with your appliance will tell you exactly how to make these attachments, but usually it involves attaching clips to the door and lifting it onto the holes and screws supplied on the appliance. The door should then sit securely.

You must remember to attach your door handle to your new door before you attach it to the appliance as you won't have access to it once it is clipped on.

Things to remember

  • New integrated appliances will sometimes be more expensive than other models as they are made in smaller quantities.
  • The appliances may come in slightly different sizes so that they fit comfortably inside cupboard housing.
  • Think about the position of your appliance and which way the door will open. Take note of how this will look alongside your other cupboard doors.
  • You need to take note of the manufacturers instructions with regard to allowing the air to circulate around the appliance. This is especially true of fridges and freezers.


Integrated appliances and the cupboards which house them are a common feature in many kitchens these days and are so easy to replace when you need to. Don't delay buying new integrated kitchen doors because you think they will be too hard to replace. As you can see above, they are as easy as the rest of your kitchen doors.