If you have already successfully used replacement kitchen unit doors to spruce up your kitchen, you may be wondering how you could use them outside of the kitchen. After all, they are a cheaper way of improving your home, there are plenty of styles and materials to choose from and you can install them yourself – once again saving money.

Read on for five good ways to use replacement kitchen doors outside your kitchen. You may even come across some uses which you never thought of.

The workshop or garage

It is surprising the amount of stuff we have in our garage or workshop which needs to be sorted and put away. Having kitchen cabinets in those areas of the house or garden is a great way to keep things clean and organised for when you need them. You could even add a worktop and some drawers and you have the perfect set up.

Your supplier of kitchen cabinet doors will also be able to sell you the carcasses and worktops and the best thing is that you don't have to choose a fancy kitchen door, just one which stays clean and fits your environment will be fine.

In the study

It is amazing how much clutter can accumulate in the study and it usually ends up on the floor or spread all over the desk. This isn't helpful when you need to work. Using kitchen cupboards in your study will allow you to hide things away, store them and keep it looking neat and tidy.

There are a number of excellent style kitchen doors which would be suitable for a study. For example any wood effect works well and any plain door will give the room a corporate look while still being smart and comfortable.

In bedrooms

While it is possible to buy wardrobe doors as replacements, sometimes you need extra drawers or smaller cupboards. These could even be housed inside your current wardrobe. Modern kitchen units can work well in this setting. The abundance of sizes and types of doors will mean that you can fit storage space into awkward areas and give your room a fitted look without all the expense.

Kitchen units can also be used for toy storage and for keeping kids books and games stored out of sight. Replacement kitchen doors are sturdy enough to be used in kids bedrooms and will stay looking new even with rough handling.

The bathroom

Once again – storage is incredibly important in the bathroom and it can be difficult to shoe-horn cupboards into such a small space. This is where the flexibility of replacement kitchen doors and cabinets comes in handy.

Replacement kitchen doors come in a variety of sizes and can be used sideways if required. You could choose a tall larder style cupboard or a smaller above the cooker hood cupboard to fit your small space. Worktops also work well in a bathroom and offer extra space for display.

In the living room

Have you ever looked around your living room and wished some of the clutter could be whisked away? With a useful set of kitchen cupboards, you could hide away those games consoles, books, DVDs or kids toys. Being able to tidy these things away easily is a real bonus and will make you feel much less stressed at the end of the day.

You will need to choose your replacement cupboard door carefully to ensure it doesn't look too much like a kitchen, but there are plenty of modern and traditional styles which will work well outside the kitchen, and save you money at the same time.