We don't often blow our own trumpet, but we feel now is the time to stop hiding in the shadows and show off just a little bit! We are happy to report that our customers have given us a rating of “excellent” on Trustpilot, the review website for retailers and companies. We are incredibly proud of this achievement and have always strived to offer the best customer service possible, backed up with an amazing product.

So what do all our lovely customers say about us and what is that encourages them to take the time to choose our company when there are many others out there offering similar products? The following five reasons pop up time and time again in our customer satisfaction surveys.

Value for money

Many customers work very hard to ensure that they are getting a great deal when they are looking for new kitchen doors. This will include getting quotes from kitchen installers and suppliers and weighing up that with the cost of simply replacing kitchen doors. In the end it is always a better idea to save materials and installations costs where possible. Replacement kitchen doors are the perfect way to do that.

Made to measure doors

Not every kitchen is built the same and not all carcasses fit the standard measurements. Try going to a DIY store and buying replacement doors for an odd shaped cupboard – it just can't be done. This is where Kitchen Door Workshop picks up the slack. We can make our doors to fit your measurements, no matter how unusual they are. From a floor to ceiling cabinet to a boiler cover through to wide drawer fronts, our service will ensure that all mismatched cupboard sizes will look just as good as the standard doors you can ordervia our system.

Free colour swatches

Deciding on the colour of your kitchen doors is probably the hardest decision you can make. It is very difficult to choose a colour based on internet photos or even by going in-store. You really need to have an example of the colour in front of you to see how it works alongside your other décor and the changing light. We offer a free colour swatch service. You can ask for as many colours as you like so you can make the choice at your own leisure. We want you to be absolutely sure before you make your order because our doors will last many years – which can be a long time to put up with a colour you don't really like!

Our measuring and fitting video library

There is nothing like seeing how something is done in a real kitchen by a real person. Somehow instructions which are written down can be hard to follow especially for novices. Kitchen Door Workshop offers a range of videos to show you exactly how to measure your doors and how to fit them. We believe that it should be an easy job to measure and fit our doors even for a DIYer and we stand by that statement. As such we show you just how easy it really is.

UK-made doors

We are very proud to only sell doors which are made here in the UK. We are a UK company and believe in supporting the UK economy. Our customers really appreciate this fact and know that they are getting a quality product which has been made with the attention which UK manufacturers usually give.

This is just a small selection of the many comments we get from our customers and we are looking forward to hearing your comments too. We will never stop trying to improve both our customer service and our products – no matter how many positive reviews we get, so you can trust us to do the same job for you which we have done for our many customers so far.