Let's face it. Not all of us are DIY geniuses and for some, the thought of picking up a screw driver and doing a simple job like installing new kitchen doors is like a living nightmare. If you are one of those people who would rather not risk the manicure and fit your new doors yourself, there are people out there who do it for a living and make a great job of it.

The benefits of getting an expert in to fit your replacement kitchen doors are many. They will be quicker, they will provide a professional finish, they will take away for old doors and they should provide a guarantee so that if anything goes wrong you have someone to turn to.

Finding a tradesman who can fit your kitchen doors could be tricky if you don't know where to look, but the following advice should point you in the right direction.

Your kitchen door supplier

There is a very good chance that the company who is providing your kitchen doors will also have a team of tradesmen they can send to do the fitting. This is the ideal solution to your problem. They will be experienced, understand the product and will be able to fit in with the delivery schedule. The hard work will have been done for you with the quality of the tradesman being checked on your behalf. They will even take care of the finances for you.


If you can, getting a referral from someone who has had some work done by a tradesman is a must. This way, you can visit the referee and look at the work and question them about how reliable the tradesman was and if they did a good job. People are very careful not to refer someone unless they truly believe the person will do an excellent job. Tradesmen who get referrals are often the best in the business.

Larger DIY stores

Many of the larger DIY stores have a list of tradesmen in your area, broken down into categories. They are likely to have a lengthy list of kitchen fitters who may appreciate a one or two day job between larger contracts. It is worth noting that DIY stores would rather sell you their own products and may not appreciate you wanting to use their fitting service only. But it is certainly worth trying.

The local newspaper/yellow pages

This is not a recommended way to get a tradesman, but as a last resort it could be suitable. You will need to do your homework and follow guidelines such as getting a quote, checking references and not paying in advance. Tradesmen always need to advertise, of course, but you have no clue about their experience without doing a few checks first.

Family and friends

Fitting replacement kitchen doors is so easy that one of your neighbours or a relative is likely to be able to do it for you. In most cases, all that is needed is an electric screwdriver and a level. This would certainly be the cheapest option, but it is hit and miss as to whether you are getting a quality job or not. Plus it is hard to complain to someone you know if things do go wrong.

You may be useless at DIY, but you still use the skills you do have to find the right tradesman to fit your kitchen cabinet doors for you. A combination of ringing around, checking references and getting quotes should be enough to find the right person who will fit your doors in no time.