Replacing your kitchen doors offers you a new kitchen at a fraction of the price of ripping it out and starting again. And you can be sure that your doors will last just as long – if not longer – than those you would have been able to afford at your local DIY store.

Better quality, less fuss

The simple act of deciding to replace your kitchen doors rather than the whole kitchen means that you will be able to buy better quality doors within your budget than you would have been able to previously. This means that your kitchen will look great for years to come. And the doors will withstand a little more wear and tear. In addition you will get exactly the look you want with the minimum of fuss.

If you are looking for replacement kitchen doors online, you should make sure you search out the specifications of your choice. Try to find doors which are 18mm thick MDF or solid wood and with coatings or veneers are of good quality. Any seller which offers a Manufacturers Warranty can be trusted, they obviously stand behind their product. Ask for samples if you are at all confused about what you are buying.

Made to measure doors

You will also be able to get made to measure sizes with a range of materials and designs. The Cambio door and Legato door ranges have even received the FIRA Gold award which shows that is considered an excellent product within the furniture industry.

replacement doors online at a fraction of the price of high street stores
The Severn kitchen door in Super Matt Alabaster from the Cambio range

Many customers of replacement door companies say that they are impressed by the quality of the doors. They often wonder how the doors can be offered at a fraction of the price compared to buying off the High Street. The answer to this is quite simple:

Door replacement companies are often smaller than other kitchen companies and DIY stores. For that reason, they can develop a relationship with their customer and they want to keep their reputation. Offering shoddy goods is the best way to lose business to your competitors – they will avoid this at all costs.

Smaller businesses also offer more attention to detail. They will inspect the goods, check for damage or inconsistencies before they let the product leave their warehouse. If something does go wrong they will take care of it as soon as they can.

Less overheads, better prices

Because they do not operate a retail store they do not have the overheads associated with the hiring of staff, the running costs and the insurances. When you buy your kitchen from a High Street retailer you are paying for their lighting, uniforms and fancy advertising. A smaller online store avoids all that unnecessary cost and passes the savings on to their customer.

There is very little wastage with a smaller replacement door supplier. They will prepare the order as it arrives. They do not need to have hundreds of items on display which might be damaged or left unsold. Once again they can pass these savings on.

Smaller retailers also want to keep their customers and will make sure they get the very best deal. This means that they check prices and stay competitive. The best will offer low price guarantees – who can say better than that?

So when we say that you can get a new kitchen at a fraction of the price, you can trust us. Replacement kitchen doors really do offer amazing value and great quality. For these reasons we can afford to offer it to you. And we wouldn't ever want to offer anything less.