The kitchen is not only the hub of the household but also one of the most expensive rooms to redecorate or buy appliances for. That is why we have come up with a few money saving options to give the kitchen a new lease of life. Do share any of your additional ideas with us, or let us know if these tricks worked. Also, if you intend to sell your house in the upcoming months or years, it is a well-known fact amongst estate agents that kitchens sell property, even if the rest of the house isn’t that brilliant. Not only this but your kitchen should be a space you are proud of and when it’s lovely and made over it will encourage you and your family to entertain friends and enjoy the space more.

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To begin with, the obvious options of freshening up your walls or skirting boards make a huge difference to a room. Be brave with your choice of colours, a feature wall is a good compromise as it can be changed reasonably easily. Specially designed kitchen wallpaper is not readily available so no need to worry about not being able to wipe off any splashes or drawings by the kids. If you’re not up for donning overalls then a vinyl wall sticker should be your next port of call. They are widely available online, don’t damage your walls and are customisable or you can buy standard quotes, rhymes or phrases.

To inject some colour consider hanging a new blind is a wonderful quick win. Whether its Roman or Venetian you’re after, this small change really transforms a room and makes the window more of a focal point. Another method to add colour is to buy various sizes of glass bowels and jars and fill them with colourful fruit. It not only looks great but encourages you to be healthy too!

Sometimes, kitchens are treated as solely functional rooms, but nowadays it’s possible to put the fun back into functional. Create space by hanging pans or utensils or adding knives to magnetic strips. This makes them easy to get to and adds a modern ‘loft’ style and gives you bonus cupboard space! Jazz up the cupboards themselves by a simple face-lift. Replacement kitchen doors, or new handles will make you feel like you have had an entirely new kitchen, for a fraction of the price.

Another idea to revamp your kitchen is to consider lighting. You are by no means restricted to a strip of halogen lights. Utilise your lighting methods to segregate areas of the kitchen. Spot lights may be appropriate for food preparation but for a dining space low hanging softly lit bulbs with quirky shades might really make the room more contemporary looking. Adding framed photos or canvases is also actively encouraged nowadays to make the kitchen environment less clinical, more homely. This is also true of adding greenery. A large plant or windowsill tray of herbs brings the room to life, literally and are also scientifically proven to improve your mood so surely a worthy addition.