The retro or vintage look is one which many of us try to recreate in our homes and one decade in particular seems to more popular than any other. The 1950s was certainly a time when the kitchen was king. It was the age when modern kitchen appliances first appeared in stores at a reasonable price. Women returned to the home after the war to find the kitchen was fresh and modern and a joy to work in. While we may not have the same enthusiasm for working in the kitchen these days, it doesn't mean that you can't achieve a 50's look kitchen. It's easy to achieve than you might think, and can be incredibly cheap if you take advantage of cheap kitchen doors, handles and worktops.

50's look kitchen colours

The first thing which set the 1950's apart from previous decades was the introduction of colour into the home. The 1940's had been a period of browns and greys. Dull hues which did little to inspire the homeowner. However the 1950's saw pastel shades of cream, green, blue and pinks become commonplace. The more adventurous would even splash out on something a little more dramatic such as bright blues, oranges and reds.

Cambio Cuckmere doors in Matt Sage Green
Pretty blue 50s inspired kitchen
Cambio Slab doors in Matt Denim

The Cambio range offers a number of 50's inspired colour options in either a matt finish or even high gloss. You could go for a slightly muted olive or the brighter paprika. For a more “fruity” look the matt finish of the Handleless Vanilla or the Eden Sage Green would be an interesting option. Of course cream is a great choice if you would rather make your mark with your accessories.

Handles for a 50's look kitchen

When it comes to choosing the right handles to go with your 1950's design look, there really is only one choice. The shell handle. It's the most obvious option as it has the right vintage feel and is chunky enough to stand out as a design feature.

Of course plainer knobs might be right if you want a more understated look. The smaller the knob the better as you don't want to detract from the wonderful colour of your replacement door.


The 1950's was when the first formica finishes were starting to be used. This meant that for the first time, worktops could be coloured to any shade. They could even be printed with different designs. They were hardwearing and easy to clean, much like today's worktops.

Toady we tend to use composite worktops which give us the same flexibility. But they have a finish which lasts almost forever. For worktops with a 1950's feel you could try the Green Lalique or the Lava Dust  from the Textured range or the Espresso from the Riverwash range.

Each of these are light enough to keep the room bright and fresh, but they also have a depth of pattern and texture.


Making the most of your 1950's kitchen means investing in some artefacts from the era.

One of the best things about designing a 50's style kitchen is that there are still plenty of cheap accessories around to buy. Search for pretty cups and saucers, fabrics for curtains or blinds and old wall prints. Retro style appliances such as mixers, toasters and even fridges can now be purchased new and look just like the real thing.

Finally use some black and white vinyl squares on the floor. White tiling as a backsplash, followed by a pastel paint pallet and your 1950's kitchen is complete.

So if you want a little of the 1950's glamour which a new kitchen can provide just order your replacement doors and get started.