It is amazing what can be achieved in just two days. You could clear out your loft, spring clean your house or give your garden trees their Autumn trim. But do you believe that you could really make a significant difference to your kitchen in just one weekend? We do and we can prove a weekend makeover is completely achievable!

In fact we know that you can change the look and feel of your kitchen in just a few hours and at a price which will leave you smiling. By adding new replacement kitchen doors and handles, your kitchen can be transformed from drab and outdated to modern and bright. Just follow our schedule to see how it is done!

Two weeks before the big weekend makeover

OK, a little forethought will be needed if this weekend makeover is to go smoothly. We suggest that you order your new doors at least two weeks in advance. Many styles will be sent to you quicker than this, but best to be prepared. All you need to do is take a few measurements and order what you need online. You may also choose to add end panels, plinths and pelmets. Obviously this is going to cost you significantly less and take much less time that planning and paying for an entirely new kitchen.

Kitchen makeover with Ultragloss White Visions Doors
Ultragloss White Visions Kitchen Doors

Saturday morning

Remove your old doors, taking care to preserve the door hinges (unless you have ordered new ones). Stack them in the boot of your car, ready to take to the recycling centre tomorrow.

Mark on your new doors where the hinges are positioned and where you would like to add the new handles. Try holding the door in position before you decide on the handle placement. This will give you a clearer idea of where the best spot is. Use an electric screwdriver to attach the handles and the hinges. This should take you to lunchtime.

Saturday afternoon

While your cupboards are door-less, you should take the opportunity to give them a good clean out. Remove all items and wipe the insides. If you really need to, you could paint the insides, but don't put anything back in until it is dry. You may also decide to repaint your walls in a fresh new colour.

Late Saturday afternoon

Attach your new doors using the hinges supplied. Adjust the hinge screws until all doors and drawer fronts are even and straight. Use a level if this is hard to do by eye. This should be a quick job, although it might take a little longer if you have door fronts on your appliances.

Sunday morning

Now it is time to add your pelmets, plinths and end panels. These will need to be cut to size, but are easy to attach with screws or sometimes clips. You kitchen will now be completed in terms of the new replacement kitchen doors. However your weekend makeover isn't over just yet.

Sunday afternoon

Now is the time to clean your kitchen. (if you want to get out of this job, you could volunteer to head to the recycling centre...) Use a special grout cleaner to make your tiles look like new and make your stainless steel sink shine with a limescale cleaner. Get your appliances clean inside and out – so they feel like new. Add a new blind or kitchen curtain and arrange your kitchen accessories on the worktop. Don't forget little touches like fresh flowers, bowls of fruit and colourful tea-towels.

While this may sound like lots of hard work, it is definitely worth it in the end. You will be able to cook your Sunday evening roast dinner in your brand new kitchen – that is if you dare to use it after all your hard work