Modern trends can be one of those things that is either here to stay or will be but a blip on the landscape. When it comes to replacement kitchen doors - these blips happen all the time. Certain colours and styles are simply fashionable for a time and then fade away. Gloss doors may have been seen as being a modern fashion-led faze at one time in the not too distant past. However, they have now well and truly found their feet and are here to stay.

Narrow Frame Shaker doors in High Gloss Light Grey
Gloss kitchen doors can create a modern look that stands the test of time

High gloss doors in kitchens are now suitable for use with almost any style of door and in almost any style of kitchen. For very good reason they have stood the test of time and for more than a decade. They will create a style statement and are also incredibly practical. There are many reasons why gloss doors are a great material for your kitchen.

  • They reflect light, making them ideal for kitchens that get very little daylight. This might be an internal kitchen, one that faces North or one that has only a small window.
  • They can make your room looking larger. The reflective qualities of high gloss will add an extra dimension to the room, making it seem much bigger. This effect is especially true if you choose a lighter coloured door.
  • Gloss doors are really easy to look after. Matt doors and painted doors may sometimes get dirty and need updating. Gloss doors can be easily polished clean, and the surface does not allow dirt to sink in. For the most part a simple damp cloth followed by a dry polish is all that is needed. Window cleaner or vinegar will also work wonders.
  • Gloss kitchen cabinet doors come in a huge range of bright, light and attractive colours. Manufacturers have worked out that people who buy gloss doors often like stronger, brighter and more interesting colour schemes. Because of this, there are some amazing colours to choose from including reds, greens and even purple.
  • Gloss doors are easy to accessorise. A handleless door will always work incredibly well in gloss as it allows the material to do the talking. However, you can easily add great handles to your gloss doors using modern materials like stainless steel, chrome or even fancy shapes and materials like diamanté. Gloss allows you to let you wild side out.

How do I care for my gloss kitchen doors?

Many people fear buying gloss doors because they think that they will show every fingerprint and mark. This really is not the case. However, these doors are actually very easy to keep clean and will actually repel certain spills and stains.

The key is regular cleaning and the use of a mild cleaner. It really is best not to use anything that may leave streaks or smears. This is why window cleaners work so well. They will dry clear - leaving the doors looking like glass. But a daily wipe over with a dry cloth to remove grease and general dust and dirt will actually do wonders. Once a week you might like to give them a more thorough cleaning.

The highly reflective vinyl can sometimes be affected by heat causing it to bubble. Most cookers and appliances these days are very cool to the touch on the outside and should not affect your doors. But the use of a special guard may put your mind at rest. Especially if you leave your cooker door open to control the heat.

So as you can see, gloss doors are not a fad and they are not scary. They are in fact a great way to add a modern twist to your home with a material that really will last and last.