If a life free from clutter with clean lines and a minimalist feel is your idea of heaven, why not consider replacement handleless kitchen doors for your kitchen makeover? While you may feel that a kitchen without handles is boring and without interest, it could actually be a way to create a kitchen which allows you to express yourself in ways you may never have thought.

The Handleless door in Matt Denim

Handleless door styles

The Handleless and Handleless Shaker doors from our Cambio range are two examples of handleless doors. With hidden grooves for easy opening, the look is sleek and smooth with nothing to detract from the doors themselves. If the minimal look worries you, take a look at these great reasons for trying out the handleless look.

Handleless Shaker door in Porcelain White

Reasons to buy handleless doors

  • The smooth and uncluttered look is very modern and fits in with all the current fashion trends. Minimalist has been around for a number of years, but has once again hit new heights. 
  • Take advantage of high gloss finishes on your handleless doors and get the full benefit of the highly reflective shine without a handle breaking the smooth look. Handleless doors look especially good in cream and white and will create a clean and fresh look in your kitchen.
  • Save money by choosing handleless doors. Handles can range in price from as little as a pound all the way up to £10 or more. Clearly you could be spending a substantial amount on handles for a larger kitchen with plenty of cupboards and drawer fronts. Choosing handleless replacement kitchen doors will allow you to use the extra savings on higher quality doors.
  • If you are installing your doors yourself, you may be nervous about positioning the door handles in the correct place on each door. Just one handle out of place could ruin your door and your entire kitchen. Handleless doors remove this as a problem and will give you extra peace of mind.
  • A kitchen with handleless replacement kitchen doors will take less time to fit as the handles will not need to be added. This will also save you money if you are hiring a tradesman to do the work for you.
  • Handleless doors allow you to be more creative with the rest of your kitchen. Often the type of handle you choose will reflect the style you want to go for. They can be traditional or modern, but they will add to the design feeling you are trying to create. You will then be stuck with this idea. When you dispense with handles, you are able to change the mood of the room by changing your accessories and your doors will always fit that new look.
  • Doors without handles are easier to clean and maintain. Handles will often show wear and tear more quickly than the doors themselves. They can then be difficult to replace as the replacement will need to exactly match the size of the previous handles. With handleless doors this type of maintenance is not required. It is also easier to keep your doors looking great as cleaning is more straightforward.

As you can see there are plenty of reasons why handleless doors are a worthwhile investment. You'll get a look which is modern and following the current trends. It's also incredibly practical and could even work out cheaper. Who could ask for more?