While they may seem like something small, almost trivial in fact, when it comes to a kitchen makeover, the right handles can be the difference between a ‘nice’ kitchen, and something truly special. It is essential to designing a beautiful kitchen that you think long and hard about the handle or knob you choose for your kitchen doors. Plain and simple bar handles, antique or hammered style, chrome or matt finish, straight or curved design, there is a style for available absolutely everyone.

Wide Frame Grooved Shaker doors in Porcelain White with Tapered Box Handles

Choose a handle style that suits the kitchen

While there is no right and wrong when it comes to choosing the handles and knobs, certain styles can definitely look out of place. Modern kitchens, such as high gloss, look best with sleek, metal handles. Rectangular and tubular are the way to go here. The ever-popular woodgrain is pretty versatile when it comes to handles, with chrome and nickel looking good – brass is even making a comeback. White kitchens on the hand are perfect as they pair brilliantly with every type of handle.

Another factor to consider is the appliances you have or will have. While not a necessity by any means, matching the handles or knobs with your appliances can create a smart and sophisticated look in your kitchen. For example, handles and knobs in brushed nickel or chrome pair superbly with stainless steel appliances.

Kingston doors in Silk White with Matt Black Ceramic knobs


Something that can often be overlooked, it doesn’t matter how good they look, you are going to be the one opening these doors every day – so make sure doing so doesn’t annoy you! Whatever ever you prefer style wise, always remember that it’s you, not the interior designer, who’s going to be using them on a daily basis, so be sure to choose a style that you are going to enjoy living with for years to come.

Handles provide contrast

Handles can add contrast to your kitchen door, something that looks great and adds real style to your cooking space. For example a smooth cream door can look great when offset by a wooden knob. Alternatively, metal bar handles look brilliant against the background of a gloss woodgrain finish.

Brighton doors in Ontario Maple with Square D Handle

What about no handles?

Increasingly popular are stylish and practical handleless kitchen doors. Their minimalist simplicity not only looks fantastic, but saves you the hassle of having to choose a handle. Perfect for ultramodern kitchens, they feature grooves across the top that allow for easy opening.

Handleless doors in Super Matt Graphite

What do you think are the nicest styles? Let us know in the comments below.