If you are in the market for a new set of kitchen cupboard doors or even a new worktop, you may wonder how on earth you are going to choose from all of the amazing colours, textures and materials available. It is fairly safe to say that simply looking in a brochure isn't going to quite cut the mustard when it comes to making an informed decision. Don't forget that it is the entire look of your kitchen which is at stake!

What you need is a few colour samples or maybe even a sample door to help you make your choice. Most kitchen door retailers who offer their products online will make a point of allowing you to get your hands on some product samples. If you are unable to attend the factory or a retail outlet, you have very little choice but to make your mind up based on photographs; and no matter how well taken they are, it can still be hard to get a realistic idea of how the finished product will look in your home.

Sending away for samples

The first thing you should do is either go online or get hold of a brochure from the company you are dealing with. From these you can make a decision about what colours you want to try out and what materials you think would work in your home. Then find the part of the site which deals with product samples and order some.

Will I need to pay?

Sometimes – yes. This is purely because the sample you have chosen is part of a larger and quite expensive product. There is also the cost of delivering the sample to you. However, the manufacturer will realise that giving away samples is part of getting good customers to purchase from them. So don't expect to pay too much.

What will a sample consist of?

Usually you will receive a square block of the material and colour you have chosen. In some cases it may be simply swatches of colours. If you are looking for a new worktop, the sample will allow you to see the construction of it and how well made it is. For kitchen doors you can see the finish of the painting and the colours you have chosen.

How many can I get?

There may well be limits on how many different sample you can get for free. But very few manufacturers will say no if you ask for more samples, although you may need to pay for  the postage costs. It is sometimes hard to make your mind up, especially when it comes to colour so don't be afraid to get in touch with the seller to see what your options are.

What do I do with my samples?

This is the fun bit! You need to hold the sample up to the light in your kitchen at several different times in the day. See how the light affects the colour and what the effect on the reflectivity and depth of colour the different light intensities will have. You will also want to check the quality of the product, how it is made and how durable it might be.

Ask the opinions of other people in your family or your friends to see what they think of the colours you have chosen. What you think looks great may not appeal to everyone.

Once your kitchen doors are delivered you should check that you have received the colour you were expecting by comparing it with your sample.

Of course once you have finished with your samples and made your order, you can always use them as cup place-mats!

You can order kitchen door samples here

Alternatively, you can order FREE colour swatches on any product page.