With so many styles to choose from when deciding on your new replacement kitchen doors, you may find that when it comes to picking the right colour, you are at a loss. This is perfectly understandable – after all there are so many options to choose from and it can seem overwhelming. But there are a few questions you can ask yourself to point you in the right direction and to ensure that you choose the right colour for your needs, for your kitchen and for the style door you have picked.

Red Kitchen Doors for standout colour in your kitchen
This red kitchen is for individuals - would it work in your home?

What is the style?

Once you have chosen the right style door for your kitchen you should then begin to consider what colour would work well with that type of door. This will mostly be based on whether it is a modern or a traditional door. You may find that a gloss colour will work well on a plainer, flatter, more modern door, while traditional doors work well with a woodgrain finish.

How old is your home?

The age of your home will play a big role in determining the colour you choose for your kitchen. If you live in a modern, recently built home, you can probably get away with bolder colours. However a home which has Victorian or Georgian features may need to have a kitchen which reflects the times – muted colours, shades of cream or magnolia and even some pastels.

What is your personality?

If you are an individual, you will be happy choosing an individual colour – and so you should be. However, not all of us are that brave and therefore going for a safe colour makes more sense. If you feel like stepping outside of the box and opting for an unusual colour which you wouldn't normally try, you could also use it on just one or two kitchen cupboards just to highlight small areas.

Does your kitchen have “zones”?

If your kitchen is large and is split into areas where you prepare food, where you cook, where you watch TV or where you eat – you can represent each of these zones with a different colour for the cabinets. This is the ideal way to use more than one colour and allows you to not have to choose. You can also be bolder than you might in a smaller more traditionally designed kitchen.

Where is your kitchen?

If your kitchen is on the sunny side of your home you have many more options than if it is on the dark side. You can go for darker colours or even black, while a darker kitchen will require white, cream or ivory to lift it out of the gloom. You want a colour in a dark room which will bounce the light and this can also be achieved by using gloss colours – even darker ones.

What colour already exists?

Obviously, as you are adding replacement kitchen doors, you will need to add a colour which will work well with the existing tiles, worktop and even the wall colours. You could change all of these but if you are doing a quick job and want to keep costs down you should go for a colour which will match well. White is of course the best option for perfectly matching almost any existing décor. If you get a few colour samples you should be able to see if the colours you have chosen will work well in your kitchen.

The simple act of asking yourself a few key questions before you decide on the kitchen colour of your dreams will result in a kitchen you love, which is admired by your friends and one which will see you through into the next decade and beyond.