Yes, Christmas is coming and it is much closer than you might think. With just a few weeks to go, the chances are that you are already making plans regarding who will be doing the cooking, how many people you need to cater for and whether the turkey will fit in the oven. If your kitchen has seen better days, the thought of cooking up a storm might not be quite as appealing as other years.

If you start now, there is still time to get your kitchen sorted out and made over before the festive season begins. In fact you can replace your kitchen doors in just a day or two and if you wanted to take things further, a new worktop could really improve the way your kitchen looks and works. Think of it as an early Christmas present to yourself and justify it by thinking about that lovely Christmas dinner you will cook for your family. They will certainly appreciate it.

What Christmas changes should I make?

If you want your kitchen to be Christmas-ready you should think about how practical it is for cooking on a larger than normal scale. This might mean finding a way to add new work space or clearing the existing worktops. Adding a cupboard or two will make it much easier to hide all of those annoying items which are often left on the work surface.

You could also add extra bling by incorporating new kitchen doors with a new under-counter lighting scheme. If you opt for light colours with a reflective surface you will give the impression that your kitchen is both larger and brighter.

Think about ways you could add an eating area to your kitchen. This would allow you to be in the kitchen on the big day without having to leave the party. Even a small breakfast bar could double as a drinks and nibbles area allowing at least a few people to join you in the kitchen while the turkey is basted.

So what do I need to do?

You certainly have enough time to make good choices about what you want in your kitchen. Start now by looking online at the possible door ranges you could go for. Look at magazines to get inspired and then order the perfect doors for you. This is easy to do and simply requires a little measuring to ensure you get the right sizes. Look at our video on how to do this before you place the order.

Choose new worktops, if required and don't forget to add in new snazzy door handles and new door hardware such as hinges and other accessories.

Your doors will be delivered in no time and then you can start the make-over process. This will involve removing your old doors and putting on the new ones. This can be achieved with an electric drill or a screwdriver and a level to ensure each one is straight. You can adjust the hinges to get them perfectly level.

If you are putting on a new worktop you will need to make sure this is correctly cut to size. Sometimes people find this is easier for a tradesman to do.

What will the final result be?

Your kitchen will look like it is brand new and only you will know that the insides of your cupboards are still the same. If you take the time to declutter the space and clean every surface, your kitchen will sparkle, ready for its moment in the spotlight on the 25th of December.

Add a few tealight candles in the window, a string or two of fairy lights and pour yourself a glass of champagne. Every good cook deserves to great space to work in and a glass of bubbly to help them along!