Nothing epitomises style and a modern edge more than a high gloss finish on your kitchen doors and it is easy to get that contemporary look by simply replacing your old kitchen doors with some from our Legato range. With a variety of modern colours and a simple plain fronted look, the Legato doors are ultra stylish and will have your friends green with envy.

One of the best things about replacement kitchen doors is the fact that you can completely change the style of your kitchen in just a few hours. In fact you can go from a traditional style to one which is super-modern by taking advantage of some of the new colours and materials now available. Legato doors offer you the chance to experiment and get a whole new look which you can then carry over into other parts of your home. And you can do it at a very reasonable price.

Stylish Ultragloss finish

Legato doors use a high gloss finish to give you a highly reflective sheen which looks great in any modern kitchen. Gloss is well known for being the perfect way to add light and shine to a kitchen. It is perfect for rooms which do not get much natural light and will give off reflective shine even when you choose one of the darker colours which it is available in.

Legato Ultragloss Baltic Blue is a stylish choice for kitchens
Legato kitchen doors in Ultragloss Baltic Blue

Your kitchen will also be completed by the addition of a gloss worktop in a contrasting or even the same colour. White worktops work particularly well with white Legato doors as this gives the room a glow which would be hard to achieve with any other worktop colour.

Supermatt finish

Legato doors also come in a range of supermatt finishes to achieve the epitome of minimalist style. Whether its a soft neutral cashmere, grey or white, or something bolder like the Supermatt Graphite, Legato doors in a Supermatt finish will provide your home with a stunning and luxurious finish.

Plain styling

Legato doors are simple and stylish. With a number of edge options, you can choose to have them with a matching or glass effect edge. In any case, they look best with a very plain handle as the intention is to create something which is stylish and individual without being fussy.

This plain style gives you something to build upon in your kitchen. It allows the doors to speak for themselves without overwhelming the room. You can dress the room up or down with your accessories and allow the doors to simply form part of the background.

Plainer design doors also show off the wonderful colours in a more dramatic way. You can choose white, cream, cashmere or something a little more bold such as Ultragloss Baltic Blue or Ultragloss Black.

The stylish Legato door in Supermatt Graphite
Legato kitchen doors in Supermatt Graphite

Stylish edging options

Legato doors are stylish and simple and also offer a selection of different edges which can create slight variations for your kitchen. It could mean that you are creating shadows either to the upper and lower edges or the sides of your cabinets. This is the perfect way to add interest without needing to have an inherent design or structure to the door.

Choose from glass effect or matching edges

Mix and match

Legato replacement doors lend themselves perfectly to the idea of mixing and matching door colours. You could have the stark contrast of black and white or a mix of high gloss wood grain with a smooth cream finish.

Mixing colours is one of the kitchen design trends which is currently the height of fashion. It seems that every designer kitchen magazine has a range of colours used to highlight different parts of the kitchen. This modern look is easy to achieve with Legato doors as they all work well together.

So if you are looking to bring your kitchen into the 21st century and beyond, you should consider Legato doors with their ultragloss and supermatt finishes, colours of distinction and their superior stylish design edge. There is very little doubt that you will not be disappointed.