Of the many popular interior design styles, the traditional country kitchen look is probably one of the most used, especially in the UK. Not only can you create an attractive look, but it has the charm of a bygone era combined with the functionality of a modern space.

In a kitchen, creating a country look is easier than you might imagine. By simply replacing your kitchen doors and adding a few extras and accessories you can add rural charm to even the most modern of homes.

Replacement kitchen door styles

The first step you will want to take towards getting the country traditional look in your kitchen is to decide on the style of door you want. A traditional country kitchen would usually have been handmade from the materials close by. This would have meant wood which a local craftsman would have honed into doors.

Wide Frame Grooved Shaker door in Oakgrain Cream

Generally these would be simple and easy to create. They would have styles and uprights and a central panel. To recreate this look in your home you should choose relatively plain doors such as the Shaker style. This classic traditional style door is perfect for a simple home country kitchen and will always maintain its style through the years. Shaker kitchens are based on the style popularised by the early settlers in North America where wood was plentiful and craftsmen were able to create sturdy and beautiful units.

If you are wanting something slightly more ornate you could opt for the Cathedral Arch, Grooved Arch or Parrett style doors. Each of these have slightly more detail and therefore will give a wow factor to your kitchen.

Kitchen Door Colours

Wood is the most often used material for a traditional country kitchen, but you do not have to stick to the usual pine or oak to get the look you want.

Oak is the most common wood which would be used in a country kitchen. The colour is light and warm and it adds charm to the home. It is also easy to get and simple to match to other furnishings.

You may also want to try Lissa Oak which has a slightly deeper and warmer tone or Beech which is lighter and will brighten up a darker kitchen. For those rooms which can carry off a darker wood look, rosewood or walnut will be more dramatic.

Lissa Oak country style kitchen
Wide Frame Shaker door in Lissa Oak

Of course wood is not the only colour you can choose. You may want to try a painted surface, perhaps with a textured woodgrain effect. Generally light coloured paints such as white and cream would be applied to keep the room as traditional as possible.


Make the most of what nature offers and bring inside flowers, pine cones and twig displays to decorate your room. These are especially good placed on a central table if you have the space.

Wicker baskets also add a great touch to a country kitchen. Not only do they give a feeling of a traditional craft, but you will be able to utilise them for storage.

When it comes to handles for your new kitchen doors, try to stick to wooden if possible. They should be small and round knob-type door pulls and in the same material as the doors themselves. This is not a time to go for a super modern handle as it will detract from the overall feeling.

The best thing about deciding to change your kitchen into a traditional country style is that you can order all of these products from a kitchen door supplier and at a fraction of the cost of replacing your entire kitchen. You could go from super modern to traditional country in just a weekend.