The start of any new year is a time for reflection on the year which has past and thoughts about what the future will bring. 2012 is no different. In terms of your home, you may be thinking about all of those jobs you put off in 2011 and want to achieve this new year. For many of us a new kitchen would be a top priority and a new year is a perfect excuse to do something different and not repeat the same mistakes you may have made in the past.

With the government telling us that we still have a few more years of austerity ahead of us, you may think that your dreams of a new kitchen in 2012 are going to be put on hold. But you can actually achieve much more than you might expect with a little imagination, some DIY know how and just a modest budget.

Yes, the start of the new year means plenty of sales and cheap options, but you will be competing with thousands of shoppers all looking for the most expensive kitchen at the cheapest price. You will need to wait for a tradesman to find the time to fit your kitchen and  you are likely to be waiting months before your new year's project is finished. If you are lucky you might have it ready for the summer.

Simply buying replacement kitchen doors online and fitting them yourself will allow you to bypass the madness of the January sales and still get great bargains at the same time. Buying and fitting new kitchen doors will transform your kitchen and your budget will have plenty left over to add new items to your kitchen to really make it feel brand new.

So how does it work?

You can order your kitchen doors online from a number of expert retail sites. You want to choose a company which has many years in the trade, knows their products well and offers you an easy shopping experience.

You simply need to take the measurements of your current doors and drawer fronts and order replacements which are exactly the same. Most doors come in standard sizes, but your kitchen door company should be able to offer bespoke doors if required. You can also choose from a wide variety of materials, styles and colours.

You should take note of the hinge placement and order new hinges if you think you need them. Other items you might want to consider would be cutlery trays, baskets, new door handles and even a new worktop if required. If your carcasses have seen better days or you want to add some new ones, you should order these too.

Fitting your new doors

Even a novice DIYer can fit new kitchen doors. It simply requires a basic screwdriver and a keen eye for the minor adjustments which may be need for the hinges. You just screw the doors into the old holes for the previous doors, after fitting the handles.

Most people should be able to achieve this in one or two days at the most. If you want to get a tradesman to do this for you, it should be inexpensive and would be covered by the savings you will have made.

Buying your new kitchen online at the start of the new year is the perfect antidote to the long Christmas period. You will beat the rush in the DIY stores and kitchen showrooms, avoid the cold harsh weather, allow you to get your perfect kitchen without having to wait and you will be saving yourself a whole load of cash. It sound like the perfect way to start a great new year.