Not all of us are blessed with a perfectly square or rectangle kitchen which boasts evenly spaced 600mm units. You may be a proud owner of an oddly shaped kitchen with a range of units of all different sizes. Perhaps they are long and thin or especially tall. You may have had one made to fit into an awkward shape, or you have had your whole kitchen custom built to get the right look.

While your kitchen may have been fine when it was built, you may not have considered what you would do if you ever wanted to change the look. Finding kitchen doors off the shelf to match your units may be a difficult job. This is where the custom fit service of kitchen door replacement companies like Kitchen Door Workshop are perfect.

Not only will they be able to supply you with cupboard doors which will fit perfectly, you will not have to pay the custom prices you might expect. You will have a range of finishes and colours to choose from and all will be built to fit your kitchen exactly. What could be easier?

Taking your measurements

The one thing which you will need to do if you want to order replacement doors for unusual kitchen units is to take very accurate measurements. This is much easier than you might think.

The easiest way to find the correct measurements is simply to use your old doors as a template. It is clear that in order to get the perfect finish you had before, your new doors need to be of the same measurements as your old ones.

You will need to make a plan of your kitchen with all of the measurements carefully laid out. This will make it easier for you to make your custom fit order. Measure the backs of your kitchen doors to ensure you are taking into account any rebates or design features which might affect your measurements.

Also remember to measure the the position of the hinges so your door fronts can be pre-drilled for you. This will help you when it comes to fitting. Some custom kitchen cupboards have the hinges in strange places as they may open in a different way to normal. You do not want the supplier to assume the position of your hinges. Your other option is to drill the holes for your hinges when you get your doors fitted. This will make absolutely sure they are in the right pace.

Ensuring you get the right thing

In the case of door fronts which are slightly unusual in shape or size, you may find it will give you peace of mind to contact the manufacturer to make sure they have the details correct. They may need to ask you for additional measurements to make sure you get the best possible result.

An expert opinion

If you don't feel confident in getting your measurements right you can always ask a local tradesman to come and do it for you. For a minimal price, they will be able to make sure all the measurements are correct and that you will get the kitchen doors you asked for. You may also employ them to fit the doors for you if you are at all unsure.

So when it comes to getting the right kitchen doors for any kitchen cupboard – no matter what size or shape – there is an answer. That answer is to go bespoke and get your kitchen doors custom made. It is cheaper than you might have thought and it will save you from the huge task of pulling out your kitchen and starting again.