With Christmas fast approaching and all of us on tight budgets, the thought of installing a new kitchen is likely to be completely off your radar. If so, it is clear you have never thought about the benefits of simply replacing your kitchen cabinet doors with cheap kitchen doors. You will get a new look for less and in a fraction of the time. Not only will it look like luxury, you will have a brand new kitchen to cook your turkey in.

We all know that energy costs have increased by a huge 20% in the past few weeks, inflation is running at an all-time high and more people are losing their jobs every day. But this doesn't mean that you need to put your dreams to one side – you just need to modify them, without compromising on quality.

According to property experts we should all spend at least 1% of the value of our home on its upkeep each year. On the price of the average home this amounts to around £1,600. This will really only cover the basics such as roof maintenance, garden upkeep, boundary fences and so on. If you want extras like a new kitchen you will need to get creative.

Replacement kitchen doors are one of the ways you can save a fortune. Just take a look online. You will see that previous customers love the look of replacement doors and often say how the quality is surprising given the prices. So how do the manufacturers manage to offer such great value for money and a product which stands up next to even the most expensive kitchen doors?

Lower overheads

Consider how much of the cost of your high street kitchen goes towards staff costs, lighting, premises rental, delivery charges, storage and other overheads. It is probably fair to say that 20% of the cost of your kitchen could have nothing to do with the product you actually receive.

However an online store which specialises in new kitchen doors will have far lower overheads. They will have fewer storage facilities and less stock. Also there will be fewer staff members. All this means better quality at a lower price.

You can expect better quality materials, precision tools and expert tradespeople producing the best doors you can buy.

They care more

Smaller retailers and especially those which are family run businesses are more likely to have more invested in their product. They want to sell quality goods because they genuinely care about their customers. You won't get that from the larger DIY stores.

Made on-site

Your doors will be made to measure just for you. They will be checked before being sent and are more likely to be exactly what you asked for. The staff are experts when it comes to door manufacture and they pride themselves in producing a great product.

More choice

Because kitchen door manufacturers often specialise in their product, they can offer you much more in the way of choice. With the money you are saving you can afford to have the best finishes, complex mouldings, top quality handles and accessories and all the finishing touches to turn your kitchen from OK into WOW!

So clearly, these days, buying a kitchen might be out of the question. But updating it with new doors is definitely an option. It isn't a compromise or something you do until it can be done properly, either. It is a genuine option which is cheaper, better quality and easier to achieve.

If you don't start now you will never get it done in time for Christmas!