It isn't just the government who has had to design an austerity budget. Almost every household in the country has had to cut back at least a little in recent years and it looks as thought this is likely to continue for the next few months. So what if you would like to improve your kitchen and you are on a very strict budget? Much like the government – some very difficult choices will need to be made. But the chances are that the final result will still meet all of your expectations and more.

We have made a list of the ways you can improve the look of your kitchen and still fit your kitchen budget. Not only will it be cheap, it will also be easy and fun.

Choose replacement kitchen doors

All too often the fronts of your kitchen cabinets reflect the years of hard work they have been through. But the insides can be perfectly serviceable and they are mostly hidden in any case. So all you need to do is add replacement kitchen doors and reuse the carcasses. This will save you up to half the cost of the carcasses and doors if bought together. You can even reconfigure the layout of your kitchen using the carcasses you have. Then just add in new ones only where really required.

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Replace handles

In some cases you may find that new handles and a good clean are all your kitchen doors need. Handles can become worn very quickly and all too often they date within a few years. Some modern new handles could really lift the look of your kitchen. They'll look even better on brand new doors. For just a few pounds each, quality handles can make a huge difference.

Do the work yourself

We all know how much tradesmen can charge. They are well and truly worth it in cases where expert help is needed, but at £150 a day, the cost can soon add up. With replacement kitchen doors you can easily do the DIY work yourself and even if you do get a tradesman, it will be cheaper because there will be significantly less work to be done. We estimate that an average sized kitchen can have all the doors replaced inside of a weekend. This will include adding new handles and hinges.

Re-grout floors and walls

Removing and replacing tiles is not only a tricky job, it is messy and can be expensive. Unless you are a master tiler, you are likely to need an expert and that can cost a fortune. However with an investment in a small grout removing tool, you can remove the old grout and replace it with new clean grout to really improve the look. You could even opt for a coloured grout for an interesting new look. Unless your tiles are from the 1970's, the chances are that all they need is new grout and good clean.

Re-accessorise your cupboards

As you have chosen to avoid buying new carcasses for your kitchen, you may want to consider making the insides of your current cabinets cleaner and brighter by adding accessories. These might include a melamine or vinyl surface which can be laid on the exist shelving. This would be wipe-able and give a new clean look. You can also add baskets to open shelving and glass shelves for any cabinets where glass fronted doors are being used. Other accessories could include moulded plastic cutlery trays and drawer organisers.

Just using one of these tips could improve as well as add years to your existing kitchen. But by using all five you will have a kitchen which will be unrecognisable and will be much cheaper than anyone else will ever guess. Don't stress about what you can't do due to the recession. Just focus on what is achievable and replacement kitchen doors definitely fit that category.