Even if your kitchen is more than a few years old, it is still possible to update it with new kitchen doors without having to buy new carcasses. Many people expect it to be difficult to update an older kitchen, and their old carcasses would not be compatible with new kitchen doors because the sizes are different or the hinges are in the wrong place.

Will new kitchen doors fit an older kitchen?

Well, one of the joys of buying from a replacement kitchen door specialist is the fact that they will make you doors of any size and will ensure that they fit your kitchen units perfectly – no matter what shape or size they are. Getting replacement kitchen doors is about as close as you will get to having a bespoke kitchen and you won't be paying anything near the cost you might expect.

If you have recently moved into a new property, you may have inherited a kitchen which is older than average. It might have odd shaped cupboards, drawer fronts which are wider or deeper than usual, corner units, or cupboards which are higher or lower than usual. In this case you may think your only option would be to discard all of your old kitchen units and buy new ones. Of course this would be an expensive choice.

How do I order bespoke kitchen doors?

Replacing your kitchen door fronts is an easy process and the doors can be made to fit the exact size you require. The first step is to measure your doors carefully. Often the best way to do this is to remove the old doors and measure the inside dimensions. This means that any bevelling on the front edge will not lead to an inaccurate measurement. Once this is done, you should measure where the hinges will need to go.

We have produced a video guide on how to measure your kitchen doors

Some of your units may take standard sized doors, but you will be able to input special sizes as well. Your kitchen door seller will design the doors to fit the units you have.

an older kitchen before updating with new doors

An older kitchen fitted with new Lewes Fjord doors

What about my budget?

You may think that this will take lots of time and cost too much money. That is the best part of this process. Working with a replacement kitchen door specialist means that they know their craft perfectly. They will make your door within days and have them shipped to you in no time. In terms of cost, replacement kitchen doors are a great money saver. Not only are you saving on the cost of buying new carcasses, but the doors themselves are very competitively priced and nothing like the cost of having bespoke doors manufactured.

Of course you also have the basic cost savings associated with installation costs. Even if you choose to bring in a professional to fit your kitchen doors, he will complete the work in just a couple of days. The labour costs will not even compare to the cost of bringing in a workman for a two week job to completely refit your kitchen. Of course if you fit the doors yourself – which is a breeze – you will have a new kitchen for a price which will really make your day.

What else will I need to update an older kitchen?

To update an older kitchen, it may benefit from a little more than just replacing the kitchen doors. You might want to consider replacing your worktop. You will be able to order this along with your cupboard doors and have everything fitted at once. New door handles and hinges will add to the new look and the insides of your units may benefit from new shelves or a touch of paint.

An older kitchen has plenty of character, style and craftsmanship and it is a shame to lose this completely. So just replace the parts which are showing the wear and tear and keep the well crafted units. You will get the best of both worlds.