By now most people will have heard of the idea of replacing their kitchen doors, rather than replacing the entire kitchen. We all know it is cheaper, quicker and easier to do and the results are fantastic. But did you know you can achieve the same result for your bedroom doors? Well, replacement wardrobe doors are also available and will offer all of the same benefits.

There are many styles of wardrobe doors which have fallen out of fashion in recent years. Many are very feminine, frilly or simply look cheap. In some cases they simply do not stand up to the test of time. They get plenty of use and once they look tatty they will mean the entire room becomes tatty too.

White bedroom and wardrobe doors

The inside of your wardrobe may still be in good shape and so, simply replacing the wardrobe doors is a simple option which will reap rewards. Not only are you able to replace the doors of your wardrobe, you can have matching cupboard doors for bedside cabinets. There are also over the bed cupboards and even new drawer fronts. You will get a cohesive look which will look like brand new fitted furniture.

If you are good at DIY, replacement bedroom doors are a great option for getting a professional finish. You can build the carcasses yourself. Then choose from a range of door styles and colours to get a finish which would normally cost thousands to achieve.

Your bedroom door supplier should be able offer a range of sizes to suit your wardrobe. They may even offer a made to measure service for those awkward shapes. Just choose the style and colour you want to use and put in the sizes you want. The doors can even come pre-drilled for hinges to make the task even easier.

Installation is easy with the doors requiring just a screwdriver to attach them to the carcasses. You can then add the handles of your choice and your bedroom is complete.

If you like a traditional style, Cambio bedroom doors are a great option. In a range of muted tones and plain styles, the Cambio doors are stylish and look great in any setting. From the more ornate Cathedral Arch style with the peaked arches to the plain matt finish of the Slab door, Cambio offers a wide range of quality doors.

If you want to inject some colour into your bedroom and want something ultra modern, you can't go past the Legato bedroom door range. Legato has a number of colours to choose from including ultra-gloss black and yellow to plum and wood finishes. If gloss doesn't feel quite right in the bedroom, you might want to try their matt finishes. These come in shades including cashmere and grey. The result will be a bedroom that's modern and stylish.

The handles you choose for your bedroom wardrobe doors is an important choice. You will need to make different choices to what you might opt for in the kitchen. You need to take bold steps as the room is often larger and can carry off more interesting designs and ideas. For a traditional look try wooden knobs. Or for a modern look you cannot go past glass or stainless steel.

So replacement doors are not just for the kitchen after all. Once you know how easy it is to install wardrobe doors you'll want to do all your bedrooms!