Spring is almost upon us, and what better than to give your home a treat to celebrate the glorious sunshine that’s hopefully going to be streaming in. You may have the most tech savvy, minimalist, impressive home already, however unless you have unlimited funds making your kitchen space as breathtaking as the rest of your home, then you need our help. Read on for some of our favourite kitchen decor ideas. Hopefully these simple additions will transform your kitchen into an inviting space rather than looking very utility and functional as most do.

Obviously all of our ideas are budget and space permitting but be creative even if the space you’re working with is bijoux! You could even print this list off and tick each point off, as the funds are available, make this post a gradual project. If you’d like to share any of your results with us, we’d love to hear about them so comment below.

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Make the room relevant to your situation so if you have a large family think about what would benefit you all, or encourage you to spend more time in this room. Before rushing off to your nearest DIY shop, sitting in the room and writing down a few ideas is invaluable and will save you wasting money on items that won’t make any difference.

Simple as it sounds, design on a theme, or few words that you want your kitchen to represent is also a great focus when purchasing things as you can ask yourself if it ‘fits’ with your theme.


Rugs are as acceptable in the kitchen as every other room, so if you hate your lino tiles or laminate flooring then the cheapest option is to cover it up. Woven hessian rugs are usually in neutral colours and are great if you have a small space as they tend to blend in rather than make a statement. If you do have the space to go made with stripes or spots, however, go for it. Adding some pattern and colour into an otherwise dull room jazzes it up instantly.


When it comes to kitchen decor ideas, the lighting in your room is hugely important. This can act as clever space dividers if done correctly. For example, if you can squeeze in a small bistro table or even small sofa in one area of the kitchen you don’t need bright, urgent halogen lights, whereas a floor standing lamp would create a lovely ambience and encourage you to not only eat in this room, but sit and listen to some music, enjoy a glass of wine and read the paper. Psychology is a huge part of making a space seem appealing to be and be multifunctional and the light is a great start.


Accessories such as framed photo collages as well as personalised canvases, plants and vases may seem like incidentals, yet when combined with a rug, or a bright feature wall it will feel like a completely different space. Go to boutique furniture shops, or even check out online auction sites for some stand out pieces that no one else will have, just the same as you would when making over other rooms. Adding some greenery is proven to cheer up the inhabitants so maybe allow yourself to splurge on plants and place them throughout your home to reduce stress and increase smiles.