The clean lines that you achieve by hiding your appliances by using integrated kitchen doors allows you to create an uncluttered and attractive look in your kitchen. When it comes time to replace your kitchen doors, you may wonder if it is going to be too expensive and hard to find the right doors to maintain that streamlined look. The answer to your concerns is yes, you can find the doors and no, it won't cost you a fortune.

Integrated appliances can streamline your kitchen

Why have integrated replacement doors?

The simplest reason is that you have integrated appliances already. These come without the front attached and have brackets to allow you to fit your kitchen door directly on to them. Clearly this means that they will need to be covered and cannot be on display. Short of replacing your appliances, there really is little choice but to buy the right doors.

You may also have decided to buy new appliances and want to go with integrated so that you can achieve a more modern and less cluttered feel in your kitchen. Integrated appliances can be more expensive, but are worth it when it comes to how your kitchen looks.

Integrated appliances are also quieter as they are behind a door and they will be less dirty as there are no nooks and crannies for dust and dampness to penetrate.

Are integrated replacement doors more expensive?

The additional cost of an integrated door front is generally associated with the cost of the brackets used to fix it to your appliance and of course, the cost of the appliance itself. If you save the bracket from your old kitchen cupboard door and use it on your new one, this is a good saving. That said, these brackets are not hugely expensive to buy - but you should be aware that they come with the appliance and are often not interchangeable. So it is best to reuse them.

Are they harder to fit?

You may find that the process of fitting an integrated door front is a little harder than simply slipping it onto a hinge fitting. You will need to attach the bracket to the inside of the door in the correct position. Your appliance may have come with a template to help you do this. If not, you need to measure carefully. Generally though, the fitting of an integrated door is no more difficult than fitting any other door.

What style of door works best?

There really is no best style of door for integrated appliances, however there are some things you might want to consider.

  • The door may be subject to extra heat and wetness on the inside. Our doors are all coated in a hard-wearing vinyl that can withstand this, within normal tolerances.
  • The door will be heavier to open and therefore the position of the handle is a factor to consider. A horizontal handle near the top of the door works best (especially for dishwashers. So you may need to think about the door style when choosing.

Whether you are making your kitchen into a more attractive space or creating a home for your appliances in a utility space, integrated appliances and kitchen door fronts are a great way to achieve the aims of increased beauty, softer looks and a quieter kitchen.