For the first time in our 20-year history, we're now offering 2-3 day delivery on our new range of standard-sized kitchen and bedroom doors. Place your order before 11:30 and you'll get your new doors the very next day. We’re also proud to offer the most affordable kitchen doors on the market, with prices starting from an incredible £2.99.

The first of our next-day doors is the Vivo, a sleek and sophisticated modern slab door. With its plain edging and minimalist style, the Vivo door is the epitome of crisp, contemporary design.

All our new standard-sized doors are made from high-quality, hard-wearing MDF that will withstand the everyday wear-and-tear of a busy family kitchen.

The Vivo range comes in a stunning range of High Gloss colours that will help give your kitchen or bedroom a bright, fresh new look.

Vivo High Gloss White


No range of doors would be complete without a gloss white offering and the Vivo is no different. High Gloss White is a cool, bright finish that reflects light and will make any room seem that little bit larger. The great thing about gloss white doors is that they go with everything, so no matter what the colour and style of your current interiors, you can be sure the Vivo Door in High Gloss White will fit right in.

High Gloss Grey

Grey has been a highly fashionable colour for a while now, and its popularity shows no signs of waning. With colours like High Gloss Grey it’s easy to see why grey has fast become one of the nation’s favourite interior shades. This pale shade is light enough to maximise the sense of space in a smaller kitchen, but with enough depth to have real visual impact.

Vivo High Gloss Ivory

A stylish, glossy take on a timeless colour, High Gloss Ivory is a gentle, calming shade. If you're wary of the starkness of pure white, creamy High Gloss Ivory is the perfect alternative. You can play up the warmth by adding natural woodgrain worktops and wooden flooring.

High Gloss Cashmere


Cashmere is an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional kitchen colours such as white, ivory and vanilla. This soft neutral has a slight pink tone to it, so would look great paired with granite-style worktops and slate grey floor tiles.

High Gloss Anthracite

Fusion Studio TIFF File

Our final Vivo colour is the stunning Anthracite. This striking dark grey looks particularly great in larger kitchens, but thanks to the door's mirror-like shine, even if your kitchen is on the cosy side, Anthracite doors won't overpower the room.

The Vivo range is it out now with 2-3 day delivery and a wide range of standard sizes available. Click the Buy button on your chosen door’s colour, or give us a call on 01825 765 041 and give your kitchen a new lease of life.