It has long been acknowledged that the colour of our rooms can affect our moods. In fact studies have shown that muted colours like pinks and blues painted on to the walls of prisons can help inmates relax and can lead to fewer outbreaks of violence. While you may not require that level of colour therapy in your home, having colours which enhance your mood on your kitchen doors might just add a little extra to your décor.

The following list will give you some ideas for creating harmony, interest or excitement in your home depending on your personality and how much of a statement you wish to make. You will soon see that making the right choice of colour for your kitchen doors is as important as the material type and the overall design.

Natural Wood

While not exactly a colour, it is possible to get different hues of natural wood. Wood can be stained either lighter or darker depending on which you prefer. From the lightest beech through to oak and the darker walnut, wood colours can add a feeling of nature to your home.

People who are into the environment or who wish to add warmth to their home may wish to use natural wood finishes on their kitchen cabinets. Combined with wooden worktops and rustic accessories, this look adds a country style to the kitchen and will feel relaxed and charming.


This is never as boring as you might think. People who choose white may do so because they love things to look clean and clear. They may enjoy the fact that they can see when the kitchen is dirty or they may like the way a white kitchen door reflects the light.

White has long been associated with a clinical atmosphere, but with the right added colours it can also be bright and bold. White makes the perfect backdrop to any of your favourite colours. What could be more versatile than that?

Muted tans and greys

These colours are very popular this season and for good reason. Olives, greys, tans and even creams are easily combined with any furnishing and yet add colour to a room without overpowering it.

These colours are from nature. They don't jar the senses or add a statement where one is not required. In fact it is possible to mix and match these muted shades adding interest, light and shade in a simple way.

Bright purple, yellows, oranges

If a statement is what you want to make, then a kitchen full of bright colours is exactly what you are looking for. In a bright kitchen you can expect to feel invigorated, happy and inspired. It will always feel like summer even on the darkest days.

It has been shown that women who wear a red dress are more confident than in any other colour. If this shade can make that much difference imagine the effect it could have in your home. Meanwhile yellow is a sunny and summery colour which is guaranteed to make you feel bright and cheery.


This colour is not as depressing as people may generally expect it to be. In fact, a high gloss black kitchen door can reflect an incredible amount of light. It is a dramatic colour and may be best used as a highlight rather than on all cupboard doors, but it is very effective at creating a focal point in your kitchen.

So as we can see the colour of your kitchen doors could have an influence which extends far beyond the admiration of your friends and family. It might just alter your mood as well.

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