If you have ever considered replacing your kitchen doors rather than getting an entirely new kitchen, you will have thought through the pros and cons of such a move and probably think you have thought of everything. You will know that replacing kitchen doors is a cheaper option and that it will be easier and quicker than a new kitchen. But you may still be unsure about how to go about making your purchase and getting the best result. These top tips will help you to think about some of the more unusual aspects of replacing kitchen doors and will help you to get the kitchen you have always dreamed of.

Draw a plan

The first of our tips - draw a plan. This is an essential step. You really need to see your kitchen as a kitchen planner might. You should mark out the doorways, the appliances, which way the current kitchen doors open and where the windows are. You need to measure the doors carefully and mark these on your plan. Mark the left hand and right hand doors and consider if these are still going to be suitable.

Tips - draw a plan

If you are wanting to make changes to your kitchen by adding extra carcasses or removing some, a plan is even more worthwhile. You need to be able to visualise the finished product before you even order your doors and make a start.

Measure twice and cut once

In fact, measure several times....once you have drilled into your doors to add handles or hinges it is too late to make changes. Getting another door is always an option and at the prices of replacement doors it won't affect your budget too much if you make on mistake. But if you cut your new worktop or plinth incorrectly it could be a more expensive mistake.

Tips - measure twice cut once

Always mark where you are going to make your cut and even check it up against your old doors to see if it looks right. Don't make that cut until you are convinced it is correct.

Look at corners

This may not be an issue if you are simply replacing your current doors exactly to the plan you already have. But if you are adding new cupboards or drawers you need to make sure they will open without being affected by small or narrow corner posts.

The placement of your handles may also affect how corner drawers or cupboards open. Drawers may not open if a handle on the opposite right angle is in the way. Your kitchen plan should help you identify places where this might cause a problem.

New hinges

It is usually wise to buy new hinges at the same time you get new kitchen doors. You might be tempted to save some money by using your old hinges, but this is often a false economy.

New hinges will be able to be adjusted more easily giving you an even look to your new doors, will suit the doors you are buying and will give your cupboards a new and fresh look. Even what is inside the cupboard is important. You may also find that old hinges will break when you remove them from your old cupboards or the screws may have become threaded. The older your hinges, the worse shape they will be in.

New Drawer Boxes

Drawers take a lot of abuse and require replacing more often than cupboards. They often lose their “square” as they age making them difficult to open and close with ease and may become more dirty and used looking. When you replace your drawer fronts it is often a good idea to replace your drawer boxes at the same time. You may also consider new tracks and soft drawer closers.

Get a colour sample

As good as brochures and online websites are, they cannot fully replicate how a colour might look in your home. For this reason the last of our tips is to get a colour sample of your door or worktop before you commit to your purchase.

You should check the colour sample in all lights and at different times of the day. Compare it to your current tiles and flooring and check it will work with the paint scheme you have chosen. Most online replacement door specialists will send samples at a small charge or even for free.

Next week we will look at the next six important tips for when you buy replacement kitchen doors or worktops. Be sure to check them out before you make your purchase