We’re delighted to announce that we have moved to employee ownership, following in the footsteps of the likes of John Lewis & Partners and the Blackwell’s bookshop chain.

After 23 years of family ownership, our founders Robert and Lis Clark decided it was time to think about the future of the business. They wanted to provide a long-term legacy for their family. But also to enable the team here to share in the success of the business that we’ve all had a hand in building. Rather than selling Kitchen Door Workshop to a third party, Robert and Lis decided to transfer the majority of the shareholding to an Employee Ownership Trust. This is the same model used by John Lewis & Partners.

What does employee ownership mean?

Firstly, it’s great news for you, our customers, as every member of staff owns a share of the business. This means we remain absolutely committed to delivering the best possible service to you. And you can rest assured that all our staff will benefit equally from any profits we make.

Secondly, Employee Ownership means that our staff enjoy greater job security, which is great for morale, motivation and well-being. Because everyone in the Kitchen Door Workshop team benefits equally from Employee Ownership, it means we are able to attract and retain the highest-calibre people. Two staff members will sit on the Employee Ownership Board of Trustees. And it's their job to make sure views of all staff are represented. In short: it's good news for you, and it's good news for us. And we'll continue working to make replacing your kitchen doors as easy as it can possibly be.

Looking to the future...

We're going to continue building on last year's success. By working with new suppliers, we have new colours and products launching very soon. So watch this space!