Fuelled by lockdowns, sales of caravans and motorhomes rose by nearly 22% in 2021. And the number of houseboats on London waterways has gone up by nearly 60% in the last six years. When you look at the rising cost of living and inflating house-prices, it makes sense. Holidays abroad can be expensive, and though the nomadic lifestyle isn't for everyone, you don't pay stamp duty on a houseboat. So  if you have a caravan or boat and you're looking to modernise or redecorate it, read on.

New doors for caravans and boats

You'd be forgiven for assuming it'll be a costly business. You're probably thinking that small spaces require expensive, custom-made units and doors, and someone highly skilled to fit them - right? Well, you can think again. Order your kitchen doors from us and we'll make them to your exact measurements and provide you with guidance and how-to videos so you can fit the doors yourself.

If your caravan or boat is second-hand, you might not be keen on the current kitchen, or you might have strong ideas to make it feel like yours. But you don't have to rip it all out and start again, however - if the units are in good condition, leave them as they are and simply fit new cabinet doors. You can fit the new doors in a weekend and you'll have enough money left for all the other extras you might want to add.

In caravans or boats, you may need more unusual shapes than you would want in a regular kitchen - being savvy with the space is key here. You might want your cupboards to open upwards rather than sideways, or you may need shorter than usual drawer-fronts, and narrower or shorter doors. Most of these requirements can be taken care of by a good kitchen door supplier - so talk to us!

Get your measurements right

The easiest way to ensure you get doors that fit perfectly is to simply take the measurements from the doors you have removed. Measuring the back of the doors is best as sometimes the design on the front of the door can skew the figures.

Next, remove the hinges (if you want to reuse them) and take note of where they need to be fixed on your new doors. We can drill the hinge holes for you to make the job even easier.

When it comes to fitting, use an electric screwdriver to attach the doors to the carcasses and a regular screwdriver to adjust the hinges. Even if you never do any DIY and consider yourself very much a beginner, you'll be able to do this - we promise!


You may also want to consider adding a few accessories to your caravan or boat kitchen cupboards. One of the hazards of boat/caravan life is the fact that your stored items might take a tumble - one great way of preventing this is to install mesh baskets inside your cupboards. These sit on rollers and keep your belongings safe and sound on choppy waters or rocky roads. They also give you better access to what's at the back of the cupboard.

Style choices

Now for the fun bit: choosing your style and colours. To maintain a cohesive look, you could stick to one style and colour for the whole space. but you could go the other way and use different colours and styles to create separate 'zones', to make your caravan or boat feel more like a home away from home.

Whites and pale shades like cream, alabaster, vanilla and even pale grey will add light and a sense of space. If you prefer a softer, more traditional look, light-coloured woodgrain unit doors (such as Ontario Maple or Beech are ideal. Pale woodgrains are something of a crowd-pleaser, meaning that if you do ever sell your boat or caravan, the style won't put off any potential buyers.

Need any more help and advice on fitting new unit doors in caravans, campervans or boats? Get in touch with us via email, Facebook, Twitter, or give us a call on 01825 765 041.