January can be a bit of a slog - once the Christmas decorations have come down and the festive leftovers have been finished, focusing on New Year's resolutions isn't much fun. But if you've decided that now's the time to give your kitchen a face-lift, then here are some of the coming year's kitchen trends to inspire you.

Purple reigns...

Ultra Violet is the colour for 2018, as decided by Pantone. This vivid, blue-based purple has a regal feel to it, but will also remind you of rock royalty, like Prince and David Bowie. It's perhaps not a shade to splash on every wall - unless you're feeling especially bold - but it would look great used sparingly. Soft furnishings in Ultra Violet will add drama and richness to your home, and if you have crockery and utensils displayed on worktops, a few purple pieces here and there will really catch the eye.

Mix your metals

The last few years have seen different kinds of metals making their way into our kitchens - it's not just stainless steel and chrome anymore. Copper and rose-gold have been particularly popular choices, and more recently, brass has been appearing too, on taps, door handles and light fittings. These gold-toned metals bring a lot more warmth into the room than steel or chrome, and are an easy, affordable way to make your kitchen feel a little more luxurious. For a more individual look, use a mix of these warm metallics. For example, brass taps paired with copper door and drawer handles will add visual interest wherever you look.

Get a handle on it

Last year, ultra-modern, sleek design was one of the dominant kitchen trends. Gloss finishes and handleless doors were the styles of choice to achieve the crisp, minimalist look. This year, however, kitchen trends are less pared-down and more personalised. To really make your kitchen your own, why not choose individual handles for your doors and drawer-fronts? It's a fun way of giving the room a truly unique, almost bohemian feel.

Two shades are better than one

Two-tone kitchen units are popping up more frequently in design magazines, home interior blogs and lifestyle features. Don't be worried that you'll tire of a two-toned look, or that it will date quickly - there's a variety of ways to make this look work for your home. A common colourway is the darker shade on floor units and the lighter shade on wall units - think grey and white, or navy and duck egg blue. Shaker-style doors in Light Grey and Graphite would work beautifully in a spacious kitchen. You don't even have to stick to splitting your two colours between upper and lower levels - make an island stand out from surrounding units, or if your kitchen has room for a table and chairs, use different colours to separate the cooking space from the dining space.

Rock and ore

Marble and stone worktops are set to be a strong kitchen trend this year. Natural materials and textures are always popular, as they can help you create a cool, industrial-style kitchen, or something that looks altogether more luxurious. Marble, granite and quartz worktops are hard-wearing, heat-resistant and durable - but can be costly. If you're sure you're going to love your natural stone worktop for years to come, they're a fantastic investment, and will add both flair and value to your kitchen.

Get the blues

Previously, blues and greens haven't been seen as kitchen colours, being more popular for bathrooms and bedrooms. However, this has changed in the last year, and so 2018 will see increased use of seascape-themed shades in the kitchen. It makes perfect sense - if you want to make your cooking and dining space feel relaxed and welcoming, incorporating blue or green into the décor is a great way to do it, as they're calming, soothing colours. Bring some blue into your kitchen the easy way - a light, high-shine shade like Ultragloss Metallic Blue will instantly brighten the room. Or if you prefer a matt finish, Denim Blue's a fantastic choice.

Add some colour

Forget "white goods" - appliances and accessories are going to be bright and bold this year. Pretty pastels such as pink, lemon yellow or aqua will invoke that retro, 1950's feel. But if you're more of a monochrome fan, small pops of colour in a kitchen with an otherwise neutral palette will look really striking. A cherry-red toaster and kettle would do the trick, or a stand mixer or coffee machine in a jewel-like shade.

Hopefully some of these trends have got you thinking about updating your kitchen, and making it a welcoming space that you love spending time in. For more kitchen inspiration, have a look at our Facebook page, and follow us on Instagram and Pinterest.