Research has found the addition of a loft conversion to your home can increase its value by up to £30,000 to £35,000. With an investment of around £20,000, that is a pretty good return. So, it seems that loft conversions are popular. They add space and they can improve your home. So what have replacement kitchen doors got to do with that? Well, have you ever thought about adding fitted kitchen doors to your loft conversion?

Loft room
You can achieve a fitted look in your loft room for a fraction of the cost of bespoke

Lofts can be used for a number of purposes. But probably the most popular are as a bedroom or a study. In both of these situations you will need fitted cupboards and wardrobes. So why not use replacement kitchen doors to achieve exactly the look you want?

Read on for plenty of reasons why replacement doors are a great idea:

Replacement kitchen doors in your loft are a cheaper option

To make the most of your loft conversion and get the best value for money, you need to save cash where you can. The fitting of cupboards in your loft will be a great place to start. Replacement kitchen cabinet doors are very often a much cheaper option than designed fitted units. You may be able to buy carcasses to fit the space. More often than not though, you will want to built the framework for your cupboards to fit any awkward spaces you have. Then all you need to buy are the front facing cupboards. You will get a highly professional look for much less than you would normally expect to pay.

Replacement kitchen doors can come in bespoke sizes

A loft is one of the few places in the house where nothing comes in standard sizes. The walls are often sloping. The roof can meet the floor. And you might have dormer windows which jut out at strange angles. The fact is that regardless of what type of fitted furniture you have, it will need to be bespoke.

Replacement kitchen or bedroom doors come in a huge range of sizes and can be made to measure (within certain tolerances). You can get a fitted and designed look for much less than it would cost to hand-make all of the required doors. Fit doors into the eaves, between joists and under dormers easily and cheaply.

You can also get wardrobe doors and bathroom cabinet doors

If you are using your new loft conversion as a bedroom, perhaps with an ensuite, you will need wardrobes and a bathroom cabinet. You can buy replacement doors for each of these options. We have a huge range of bedroom doors. These can be mixed and matched with smaller doors and drawer fronts to create a fitted bedroom.

You can carry the theme into the bathroom as well with smaller doors to create cupboards suitable for the smaller space. High gloss doors are perfect for the bathroom as they create light and space and are very easy to keep clean.

You can add extras too

We sell extra carcasses which could be used in your loft. While most of the space will need to be built to measure, there will be places where a simple standard sized carcass will work perfectly. On top of that we have plinths, end panels and cornices which will unite all of the cabinets creating a really high-end look. Add some fancy handles and the look is perfected.

You may not have thought about using replacement kitchen or bedroom doors in your loft – but hopefully we have shown that not only are they a great option, they are cheaper and will give you the bespoke look you are after. You might even be able to add another few thousand to the asking price for you home!